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Call Center Demo & Conference Exhibit Hall – New Exhibitors, New Solutions

As call centers work towards the invariable goal of improving performance while cutting costs, the need for reliable and flexible solutions has become more urgent than ever. That’s part of why it was exciting to see so many new exhibitors on the show floor this year at Call Center Demo & Conference – it meant that many of the offerings were new as well.

Here were a few of the standouts:


Evolv, a leader in data-driven workforce selection, enables call centers to improve productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction.  At ICMI, they shared information on how call centers using Evolv’s cloud-based hiring intelligence platform have increased employee productivity by 5-10%, while improving retention by 20-30%.


Get Satisfaction, an open technology social community platform, offers companies an easy and integrated way to engage in conversation with their customers. One of their current customers is Proctor and Gamble. Get Satisfaction powers the “Contact Us” page and provides the social support strategy for many of Proctor and Gamble’s products, including Pampers. As the mother to a 9-month-old child who has used the Pampers website extensively, I found this to be of particular interest!


Infratel, a leading provider of call center products and services, delivers a robust software platform that serves the general telephony needs of small-medium sized centers. They provide one of only a few Microsoft Windows Server-based IP PBX solutions available in the market, and can be deployed either through the cloud or into an on-premise environment. This choice in deployment makes for a great differentiation.


SmartAction is a leader in call automation, providing hosted speech IVR to medium-to-Fortune 500-sized businesses. Their state-of-the-art solution contains artificial general intelligence and natural language capabilities, allowing more complex calls than advanced IVRs, at a quarter of live agent costs.


Stratus Video, a cloud-based video/audio collaboration solution, has perfected their technology under parent company ZVRS through their long-existing videophone technology product for the deaf and hard of hearing (a product I vividly recall seeing over the summer on the ABC Family television show, “Switched at Birth.”) They came to Call Center Demo and Conference to debut VideoCallCenter (VCC), their entry into the call center market, which routes calls based on queues, skills, time of day, geographic region, agent status, and more. What they offer is nothing short of an industry innovation, and a wonderful asset to the show floor.

There were many other great exhibitors as well, and so many innovative products and services to choose from. The full list and descriptions is available here.



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