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Dallas-Based Company Creates New Call Center, 225 Jobs

While there is an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of outsourcing and off-shoring, Securus Technologies, Inc. sees some clear advantages in moving its call center operations back to the U.S. and in house. The company, a leading provider of inmate communication services, has recently created a new call center close to its headquarters in Dallas and filled it with 225 new employees.

The result of the change of venue for Securus’s call center operations has greatly improved the company’s customer satisfaction levels. Securus, which provides approximately 2,400 correctional facilities with detainee communications and information management solutions, has seen improvements in virtually every area.

“Shorter hold times, quicker first call resolution, and significant improvements in customer satisfaction have all been made possible by our taking on this initiative,” said Danny de Hoyos, Vice President of Securus Service and Technical Operations.

Overall, Securus made an investment of more than $2 million to ensure top-of-the-line call center equipment, applications and training. These improvements have made Securus the largest and most advanced call center in the industry, according to the company. And the call center’s 225 new employees have certainly done their part.

“With our staffing complete, state-of-the-art technology installed, and new training taking place, we’re seeing significant improvements in the overall customer experience,” de Hoyos said.