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Call Center Technology Roundup October 13, 2011: Avaya's Aura Experience Portal 6.2, VoIP and Network Monitoring from IQ Services, Smart Action's IVR Automation Tools and more

IQ Services Introduces VoIP and Network Monitoring Tool

IQ Services has introduced a new VoIP and Network Monitoring software that automatically discovers and queries all endpoints on the network and using specialized analysis algorithms, will create a plan-language list of issues that may be impacting performance. The software will troubleshoot and track down problems such as cable reversals, misconfigured switch ports, packet losses and over-burdened interfaces. The VoIP Monitor’s StressTest can be used for load testing and network assessment prior to and during performance. The HeartBeat service provides an on-going monitoring tool for the network’s voice quality.

Avaya Releases Customer Service Application Tools: Avaya Aura Experience Portal 6.0 and Ayava Aura Contact Center 6.2

Avaya has released the latest version of its popular Avaya Aura Experience Portal and introduced the Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2. The Avaya Aura Experience Portal 6.0 is the latest generation of the Avaya Voice Portal, offering companies with a single point of orchestration for all automated voice and multimedia applications for inbound phone or video, plus outbound phone, email or SMS applications. The Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 provides an assisted care application that enables businesses to solve customer issues by bringing all key parties – agent, expert and customer – and customer information into a single session. The 6.2 offers a host of features, such as enabling agents to simultaneously handle multiple contacts of various media types, giving agents the ability to work from home, capability to integrate directly with the Avaya Aura Session Manager, web-based administration, on-board reporting and more.

Discover v4.5 Workforce Optimization Suite Released

CallCopy has released Discover v4.5, the latest version of its workforce optimization suite. The suite now offers enhanced speech analytics reporting, faster playback, more flexible filtering, new options for displaying performance management data and improved server management.

Nexidia Introduces Enhanced Agent Tracking and Monitoring Tool

Nexidia has introduced the latest version of its Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) suite, the ESI 9.0. The ESI 9.0 offers broader system scalability and enhances the Nexidia Evaluate, which tracks and monitors agent performance, by including an integrated Evaluation Scorecard system. Among its features, this system enables contact centers to automatically evaluate all agent calls and single out those that need to be further evaluated for performance and offers customizable evaluation templates, agent coaching support, a wide variety of reports, including appeals, audits, calibrations, and evaluations per agent.

OpenSpan 5.1 Process Improvement Software Released

OpenSpan has released its OpenSpan version 5.1 process improvement software. The upgraded software features faster payback when gathering intelligence on application usage and processes without additional development. With that intelligence, OpenSpan enables users to remedy inefficiencies and apply improvements with process automation capabilities.

SmartAction Announces IVR Call Automation Tools

SmartAction has developed several IVR call automation tools that use artificial intelligence and natural language capabilities for fast and efficient customer interactions. The Automated Scheduling IVR enables the scheduling or rescheduling of service appointments. The Returns IVR enables product and order returns and will encourage new orders. The Product Availability IVR enables customers to check product inventory.

LiveLOOK Releases Co Browse With Engagement Windows

LiveLOOK has released Co Browse with improved customer engagement windows, faster launch times, and enhanced agent engagement windows with session-specific tips and help.

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.