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Call Center Technology Roundup June 9 2011

This week in ICMI's call center technology roundup, we see on the wires some new products that will reduce the per-seat cost, improve quality programs and more intelligent IVR-related interactions.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Boot Storm Offers New Standard for Low Cost Per Seat

Iomega and VMware say they've delivered enterprise-class VDI to SMBs and distributed enterprises. Iomega, an EMC company in the data protection field, says it's brought to market a "first" in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for small and medium sized businesses and distributed offices when 100 thin clients with VMware View 4.6 were simultaneously booted in a matter of minutes -- an unheard VDI implementation utilizing a sub-$3,000 network storage device.

VirtualLogger Announces Screen Capture and Analytics Add-On for Legacy, Standalone, and VOIP Recording

VirtualLogger says call centers can now add synchronized screen capture to any recording. Screen capture is one of the fastest-growing segments of call recording and quality monitoring for call centers. Traditionally, call centers would need to purchase this feature from their existing call recording provider, often being forced into a "forklift upgrade" and the disrupting and expensive total replacement of their recording system. Now VirtualLogger says it offers highly cost-effective screen capture that can be easily added to most existing call recording and quality monitoring systems, as well as recordings from open-source VOIP systems.

Angel Launches Next Generation Multimodal IVR App Delivering Intelligent Customer Interactions

Angel a provider of enterprise-focused, cloud-based customer experience solutions, says its new multimodal interactive voice response (IVR) technology brings efficient and personalized customer service for mobile customers. The company says its multimodal app for iPhone is a true innovation. The application is designed to empower enterprises to enhance customer interactions through multimodal transactions, whether they speak, visualize, or text, making communications faster, clearer, and more convenient.