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simplyCT's Virtual Application Portal, LiveOPs Acquires Datasquirt, OAISYS' Tracer and Talkument v.7.2, VPI's Next-Gen Multi-Channel Suite

simplyCT Releases simplyAPPS. Web Applications Portal

The simplyAPPS. web applications portal from simplyCT enables call center managers and supervisors to proactively manage an entire call center workforce in real time. The portal works on a two-tier concept, management and workforce, each with three core tools from simplyCT’s portfolio of web applications. Designed for end-to-end call center configuration, supervision and management the management tier includes simplyCONFIG, simplyMANAGE and simplyWISE software. The workforce tier includes the company’s simplyTALK, simplyVIEW and simplyREPORT software.

LiveOps Officially Acquires Datasquirt

Cloud contact center provider LiveOps has successfully acquired all of the assets of Datasquirt, after first announcing plans in November 2011. The company is looking to grow the LiveOps' brand internationally in the coming year by leveraging Datasquirt’s intelligence in the cloud and across the range of social media channels. The acquisition includes the appointment of Datasquirt’s Founder and Managing Director/CEO Aaron Ridgway to LiveOps SVP of International Sales. Keith Lawson, Chief Technology Officer for Datasquirt, has been appointed as LiveOps’ Chief Architect.

Early Adopter Version 7.2 of Tracer and Talkument Solutions Available from OAISYS

OAISYS has released the early adopter version 7.2 of its Talkument and Tracer digital call recording and management solutions. The new version offers new capabilities suited for digital recording in public safety agencies, local governments and general business including Call Slicing, Call Merging, Call Redacting (also known as "Blurring" or "Scrubbing") and Call Segment Exporting. Version 7.2 also offers:

  • Automated Call Distribution Enhancement - attaches ACD Agent IDs on calls –on both inbound and outbound calls - not associated with an ACD group that do not route through the ACD
  • Extension and Agent ID Columns enables users to identify which extension or agent ID is associated with a particular user
  • Embedded Multi-Call Player allows users to select up to eight calls and play them back in a multi-call player embedded in the Management Studio

The company is currently seeking early adopter sites to field-test Version 7.2 prior to general availability.

VPI Launches Next Generation Suite

VPI (Voice Print International) has released the VPI EMPOWER Suite 5.3, a next-generation solution for multi-channel interaction recording, intelligent quality monitoring, real-time performance management, and automated E-learning. The VPI EMPOWER 5.3 has added many new features and enhancements to the existing EMPOWER suite, most notably:

  • an Ad-hoc reporting tool
  • Dashboard widget library with more than 40 real-time reporting and task list widgets
  • Automated report distribution
  • Interactive learning activity reports and drill-through heat maps to track Coaching and E-learning results
  • Integrated redaction tool for editing, masking and muting sensitive portions of copies of audio and screen video recordings
  • Unified access to live and recently recorded calls in a dynamic split-screen interface, user-customizable for agile, efficient workflows
  • Next-generation desktop screen recording and
  • Expanded configuration options

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.