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Call Center Technology Roundup December 1, 2011

inContact Partners With Verizon for Cloud-Based Solution

inContact and Verizon have teamed up to offer an advanced suite of cloud-based Virtual Contact Center services, available in January 2012. The suite will give customers of businesses and government agencies the option to choose how they want to contact and interact with the organization. Customers calling in could opt to speak with a live agent or request a call back. Customers can also use the company website to view the FAQs or online chat with a representative. The suite also includes software that can recognize incoming callers and refer them to agents with the appropriate level of expertise, for improved "first-call resolution." The suite’s comprehensive agent desktop tools will help educate and prepare agents to resolve various customer inquiries. The cloud-based Virtual Contact Center solutions enable flexible and cost-effective integration with existing customer care systems.

Acqueon Introduces AiQ 4.0 with Social Media and Mobile Apps

Acqueon Technologies has released the latest version of its Acqueon iQ contact center solution, AiQ 4.0. The updated solution gives companies the option to provide next-generation communication channels such as social media, texting, and chat in addition to voice and email. The AiQ 4.0 employs a universal work assignment engine instead of traditional skill-based routing which enables enterprises to service and route their customer interactions to the right resources based the context of their current and past interaction history. The AiQ 4.0 also features the CloneMe technology, which can reduce a caller’s wait time and enables the caller to continue an interaction with an agent even if the interaction was interrupted. This solution also offers supervisor applications, including data reporting, that are accessible via a range of mobile device. AiQ 4.0 is the first version of this solution based on Voxeo's Prism Technology.

SAP and Sybase Launch Enterprise-Class Customer Service Apps

SAP and Sybase have launched mobile versions of SAP’s enterprise customer service solutions. Powered by the Sybase Unwired Platform, the new applications customer service employees to work from mobile devices and bring help-desk functionality anywhere and at any time. Customers can access and download the applications through the SAP Store, available via SAP’s website and through an on-device version for iOS. The company also plans to release applications for Android, Blackberry and other operating systems. Included in the new mobile application portfolio are the SAP Electronic Medical Record, the SAP Field Service, the SAP CRM Sales, the SAP Retail Execution, the SAP Citizen Connect, the SAP Transport Notification and Status, the SAP Transport Tendering, the SAP GRC Access Approver and the SAP GRC Policy Survey.

Salesforce.com to Acquire Model Metrics

Salesforce.com has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Model Metrics, provider of mobile and social cloud consulting services, by Jan. 31, 2012. The acquisition will further salesforce.com in the global technology markets as the company plans to leverage Model Metrics' expertise in mobile and social design conception, user experience, business process alignment, and frameworks for building employee and customer facing apps.

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.