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AT&T Acquisition Leaves Future of T-Mobile Call Center Uncertain

It was recently announced that AT&T would be acquiring T-Mobile. While this arrangement may be good for the two companies involved and their customers, the future of T-Mobile’s existing call centers remains uncertain. Most notably, what happens to the current T-Mobile call centers and the thousands of employees working at them?

Well, the nearly 800 employees of a T-Mobile call center in Oakland, Maine have some high-profile supporters fighting to help them keep their jobs. Maine’s two U.S. Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, recently wrote a letter to AT&T’s Chief Executive Randall Stephenson expressing their concern over the future of the Oakland call center.

According to the letter, the Oakland facility is “one of T-Mobile's most successful and highest performing call centers.” The senators hope that the center will continue to function despite the changes in store for T-Mobile.

As the center employs almost 800 Maine residents, it is clearly an important part of the state’s economy. Yet, it is the individual employees that are the focus of the senators’ concerns. They wrote, “We urge you to consider the impact of your proposed acquisition on the call center's employees, and ask that you update the employees regarding any developments that may affect them and their families.”

When contacted for more information about their plans for T-Mobile’s current facilities, a representative from AT&T had no comment at this time. ICMI will stay on top of this story and provide more details as they become available.