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Article -
Cognitive Overload in the Contact Center is Costing You More Than You Think
We’ve all been told that the human brain is basically a supercomputer.  Using its 86 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections, it can multitask like a miraculous machine, simultaneously interpreting emotions, solving... Read More

Article -
Can AI Fix The Employee Experience For Frontline Customer Service Reps?
A version of this blog first appeared on the North Bridge Group website. You’re a CSR, and there’s so much you hate about your job. Customers shriek at you all day. Your boss’s... Read More

Article -
3 Keys To Managing Emotional Labor And Reducing Turnover
Today’s contact centers are more technologically advanced than ever before. We’re saying goodbye to the old days of cubicle mazes, hardwired phone systems and the buzzy chatter of a hundred headset conversations... Read More

Article -
Six AI Lessons From A Past Technology Wave
We are all aware that AI is the big topic of the last year plus. Some people will tell you this technology wave is different than those in the past. They may... Read More

Article -
Welcome to the Self-Service Revolution: How Helping Less Improves Agent Efficiency
As a contact center leader, the last thing you want to hear is that more than half of consumers would rather help themselves. But that’s where we are. We live in a... Read More

Article -
The Importance of Building Rapport in Call Centers: A Comparative Analysis of Practices in Ireland and the US
In the highly competitive field of customer service, call centers play a crucial role in shaping the experiences and perceptions of customers. One of the most important aspects of customer service in... Read More

Webinar -
Navigating Generative AI Challenges for Enhanced CXM Success
Read More

Article -
Beware Bolt-on AI
As technology marches forward, existing solutions are often caught off-guard by new developments that are outside their core competency and begin to cobble together a bunch of minimum viable products and acquisitions... Read More

Article -
Innovating Support: A New Mindset Transforms the Employee Experience
Let’s face it: we still mostly do things like we’ve always done. Consider these comments heard around the IT break room… …it’s too hard to build a CMDB …we’ll train our users... Read More

Article -
Practical Ways to De-Stress Your Workday, Build Collaboration, and Calm Difficult Customers
Think about any significant conflict you’ve been a part of. I’ll bet that somewhere along the line, clear communication was compromised, and “magical thinking” crept in. “Magical thinking” happens when you take... Read More

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