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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Webinar -
Navigating Generative AI Challenges for Enhanced CXM Success
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Article -
Beware Bolt-on AI
As technology marches forward, existing solutions are often caught off-guard by new developments that are outside their core competency and begin to cobble together a bunch of minimum viable products and acquisitions... Read More

Article -
Innovating Support: A New Mindset Transforms the Employee Experience
Let’s face it: we still mostly do things like we’ve always done. Consider these comments heard around the IT break room… …it’s too hard to build a CMDB …we’ll train our users... Read More

Article -
Practical Ways to De-Stress Your Workday, Build Collaboration, and Calm Difficult Customers
Think about any significant conflict you’ve been a part of. I’ll bet that somewhere along the line, clear communication was compromised, and “magical thinking” crept in. “Magical thinking” happens when you take... Read More

Article -
Gen AI Security Check: 15 Key Questions for Vendors
If you are adding generative AI solutions to your contact center tech stacks, there is no such thing as “an overabundance of caution.” When evaluating new software solutions with Gen AI, think... Read More

Article -
Technology is Great, until It Isn’t
We’re in love with technology until it fails us.  New technologies like AI and CHATGPT combined with established ones like,  CRM,  IVR, WFM, CHAT, and TEXT among many others, help manage contact... Read More

Article -
Is your front-line agent representing your business as you would?
You train them, you coach them, but still, you wonder – Are my frontline agents representing my business as I would? And that is a big question. You can put in all... Read More

Article -
Customer-Facing AI: Is It Ready for Prime-Time?
It's quite clear that 2023 was the year of generative artificial intelligence and 2024 will be the year of applied generative AI, especially in customer-facing situations.  Klarna says that it's AI-powered chatbot is... Read More

Article -
How Will Generative and Conversational AI Impact Call Centers?
Picture a world where generative AI, conversational AI and large language models (LLM) reinvent customer service and the agents’ role in contact centers. Now picture the opposite, where over-promised benefits and service... Read More

Article -
Use Chat GPT to Help Write Social Media Responses to Customers​
“Too long, uncaring, and off-brand.” Three criticisms you never want to hear about your social media responses to customers! But it can be difficult to write posts that are short enough, empathetic... Read More

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