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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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It’s Time to Let Go of the General American Accent
As a white child living in suburban Ohio, when I watched the nightly news, I heard someone who sounded a lot like me. We were an NBC household, and the newscasters I... Read More

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Why People with Disabilities Can Excel in Customer Service
In late July, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)—a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability—turned 32. For more than three decades now, inclusion of the disability community has been... Read More

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Conversational AI Demystified for Contact Centers
As someone new to conversational AI, I struggled to figure out what the heck it actually means and whether it’s as cool as it sounds. Technically speaking, it consists of three words,... Read More

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Branded Communication: What it is and How it Can Help Contact Centers
Contact centers face a myriad of challenges today, including consumer call avoidance behavior, rising agent attrition rates, declining productivity, and difficulty hitting targets. Because of this, contact centers are turning to innovative... Read More

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Fostering Emotional Resilience in Your Contact Center
Working in a contact center is notoriously taxing on employees’ emotional wellbeing. Difficult calls can derail workflow and take a serious toll on your staff’s well-being. As a manager or business leader,... Read More

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Unlock the Potential of Contact Center Supervisors
Throughout the recent turbulence in the contact center industry, supervisors have remained the first line of defense against an operational meltdown—leading their teams through volatile circumstances while maintaining quality and service levels.... Read More

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Your Leadership Strategies Could Cut Attrition Rates
As companies experience challenges attracting and retaining employees, leaders struggle to find new cutting-edge strategies that will help them make incremental gains in stopping and reversing this trend. For years, organizations have... Read More

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How Leaders Can Establish a Trusting and Compassionate Workplace
As a young professional, I used to deliver to senior leaders annual presentations about my focus and goals for each upcoming year. During one particular presentation season, I worked in a location... Read More

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10 Ingredients for an Effective Service Recovery Process
How many times have you had an issue in a restaurant with service, a cold meal, or incorrect charge? When that happens to me, I’m frequently offered a free dessert. I’ve often... Read More

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Is Your Contact Center As Good As You Think?
In the vision of our organization and our contact center, we always like to think that we offer a good service to our clients. That can change at any moment, considering our... Read More

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