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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Frontier Airlines and Voiceless Customer Service
Analysis    During a recent dire period in customer service for US airlines, it was not uncommon to see stranded passengers trying every single avenue to get answers. Intrepid travel reporters could... Read More

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Eight Tips for Taking Your Entry-Level CX Career to the Next Level
This article is a collaboration between Nate Brown, Leslie O'Flahavan, and Justin Robbins.   We’re three customer experience professionals who’ve held different roles and walked different paths in our careers, but we... Read More

Article -
Applying Automation to Improve Customer Experience
This article originally appeared in NoJitter, a partner publication. As we advise enterprise customer experience (CX) leaders, one fairly consistent area of deficiency is using automation to improve agent performance and/or customer... Read More

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How to Rise Above Performance Challenges
Sales are low. Customer satisfaction scores are dropping. Customer complaints are increasing.   As leaders, we spend hours looking at the numbers or data trying to figure out what’s going wrong, how... Read More

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Virtual Training is not the Problem with Your New Agent Performance
The pandemic exposed a lot of weaknesses in processes, procedures, and tools for companies across the globe. Suddenly, we got really familiar with conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Meet. Mostly, we... Read More

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What to Do When Your Team is Hostile
You’re optimistic when you join a new organization. You’re excited about your new role and responsibilities. You’re curious about the company culture, your new team, colleagues, and managers. Your mind is running... Read More

Article -
The Factors that Affect Your Customers’ Tolerance
Many contact centers have been struggling with low service levels and long wait times—fallout from the staffing challenges that have been so common. In recent articles, I covered the psychology of queues... Read More

Article -
7 Ways to Gain Personal Visibility in a Work-at-Home Environment
One of the obvious challenges in a remote work environment is that no one can see the extra things you may do that normally would get noticed when you were working in... Read More

Research -
The State of the Contact Center in 2022

Article -
Key Takeaways From ICMI’s State of the Contact Center Survey
Keeping customers happy has never been more important, or more challenging. The last few years have brought massive changes in skill and training requirements, technology, and workforce management practices. In mid-2022, ICMI... Read More

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