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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Who Do You Follow?: Nominate Your Top Thought Leaders for 2024
The contact center industry is in a state of flux, and the only way to stay on top of the rapid pace of change is to learn at an even quicker pace.... Read More

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Showcasing Your Team’s Value to Executive Management
Have you ever found yourself in a management meeting or performance calibration session representing your contact center team? You go into the meeting confident in your team’s performance, but as the meeting... Read More

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ChatGPT: Are There Operational Pitfalls in This New Technology?
As the contact center industry looks toward ChatGPT and other emerging technologies, the positive possibilities seem endless. Information that can be updated and delivered instantaneously by an agent to a customer looks... Read More

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The Pinnacle of CX: Community in Three Layers
You’ve likely already seen the US Surgeon General's latest report. The “Epidemic of Loneliness” has the nation fully in its grip. It may be the least surprising and yet the most important... Read More

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Stop Doing These Ten Things to Improve Your Customer Experience
1. Journey Mapping 2. Surveying customers (VOC) 3. Creating ROI’s 4. Hiring CX “program” managers 5. Engaging CX consultants 6. Buying technology 7. Attending CX conferences 8. Listening to CX webinars and... Read More

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The Business Impact of Generative AI on Contact Center Managers
There’s been plenty of digital ink spilled over how Generative AI will impact the customer and agent experience. Yet, the impact reaches far behind the front lines and will reshape the roles... Read More

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Five Things I Learned at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo 2023
It’s funny—and fitting. I asked AI for help with this article. First, I sought overall input based on an outline I provided. Then I hoped for help section by section. As it... Read More

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Recognizing the Heroes Behind the Headset: Transforming Complaints into Opportunities
In today's highly digitalized world, the heart of customer service still beats loudest in the contact center. While technology has vastly transformed how businesses interact with their customers, the timeless value of... Read More

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Announcing ICMI's Global Contact Center Award Winners for 2023!
Last week, contact center professionals from around the world gathered to learn, network, and celebrate at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo 2023. The winners of this year’s Global Contact Center Awards were crowned during... Read More

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