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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Partnering with AI to build the next generation contact center
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The Basics of Bringing Automation to the Contact Center
Contact center leaders want to empower agents with the right tech to make them productive and to focus them on the most important work, but these managers often hit a brick wall.... Read More

Article -
“Lean in to the change.”
Each year, ICMI is helped by a group of contact center industry thought leaders. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board helps us evaluate our offerings, content, and partnerships to best serve the contact... Read More

Article -
Strategic Implementation of ChatGPT in the Contact Center
In the first part of this two-part series, EJ Bowen discusses how ChatGPT technology can help improve the customer experience in the contact center. Here are some ideas about how best to... Read More

Article -
Five Important Things to Know About Vishing
This article originally appeared in HDI, a partner publication.  With each new technology comes a new scam to exploit the vulnerabilities of businesses and people. Just as we were beginning to learn... Read More

Article -
Three Ways Contact Centers Can Thrive with ChatGPT Technology
Contact centers have always been at the forefront of innovation in a world of ever-changing technology, adjusting to meet customers' changing needs. In a previous piece, we discussed the metaverse's potential impact... Read More

Article -
Customer Service, Not Marketing, Should Respond to Complaints on Social Media
I’m not sure whether it’s a turf battle, a sibling rivalry, or a custody fight, but whatever is going on between the Customer Service Team and the Marketing Team is hurting customers... Read More

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“People skills are number one.”
Each year, ICMI is assisted by a strategic advisory board in its mission to provide the best information and training options about the contact center industry. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board is... Read More

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Lessons Learned from Contact Center Disasters
Each month, ICMI asks a question about the contact center industry to ICMI’s Top 25 thought leaders and our team of featured contributors. We then share their thoughts with you. Here is... Read More

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