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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Creating a Culture of Accountability for Results and Respect
The leader’s job is to sustain a respectful culture that removes employee frustrations while delivering promised results. It’s not easy to reach those heights given the demands on leaders today. Also, the... Read More

Here are Tips to Create Effective Contact Center Scripts
When prospects, customers, or potential customers call your customer service, you want to make sure you're ready. Maintaining a conversation with them can be quite a challenge, but not when you use... Read More

Final Thoughts: Big Ideas for Moving Forward | #ICMIchat Rundown (January 12, 2021)
Over the years, #ICMIchat has brought out contact center and customer experience professionals' most profound insights into operations, leadership, and customer service. Every week, our participants challenged us to think differently about... Read More

Putting the Technology Cart Before the Horse Can Cripple Work-at-Home Environments
Technology is critical, as it supports employees and the processes that drive the customer experience. It can both enhance experiences and save hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on labor... Read More

How to Develop A Successful Customer Service Bot Strategy - Part 2
This article first appeared on HDI In the first part of this guide on how to implement customer service bots within an omnichannel experience, we discussed how to set parameters for what... Read More

How to Develop A Successful Customer Service Bot Strategy - Part 1
This article first appeared on HDI. I recently learned a great deal about chatbots and the effort it takes to create a “conversation-like” interface that can successfully support customers. An adoption strategy... Read More

Six Metrics Which Matter for Measuring Contact Center Agents
Teams who work toward a clear, shared set of service KPIs are more engaged and productive on the job, but about 80% of employees feel like they can’t actually impact their performance... Read More

Creating Company Culture Through Knowledge-Centered Support
This article was first published in HDI. Last year I traveled the world and talked about defining an organizational culture that is great for service excellence. These discussions were not about a... Read More

Cultivate a Positive Collective Mood at Your Contact Center
When I took calls as an agent and was moved to a new section of the contact center, I was struck by how tired I felt after my shift. It was my... Read More

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