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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Partnering with AI to build the next generation contact center
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Strategic Implementation of ChatGPT in the Contact Center
In the first part of this two-part series, EJ Bowen discusses how ChatGPT technology can help improve the customer experience in the contact center. Here are some ideas about how best to... Read More

Article -
Five Important Things to Know About Vishing
This article originally appeared in HDI, a partner publication.  With each new technology comes a new scam to exploit the vulnerabilities of businesses and people. Just as we were beginning to learn... Read More

Article -
Three Ways Contact Centers Can Thrive with ChatGPT Technology
Contact centers have always been at the forefront of innovation in a world of ever-changing technology, adjusting to meet customers' changing needs. In a previous piece, we discussed the metaverse's potential impact... Read More

Article -
Customer Service, Not Marketing, Should Respond to Complaints on Social Media
I’m not sure whether it’s a turf battle, a sibling rivalry, or a custody fight, but whatever is going on between the Customer Service Team and the Marketing Team is hurting customers... Read More

Article -
“People skills are number one.”
Each year, ICMI is assisted by a strategic advisory board in its mission to provide the best information and training options about the contact center industry. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board is... Read More

Article -
Lessons Learned from Contact Center Disasters
Each month, ICMI asks a question about the contact center industry to ICMI’s Top 25 thought leaders and our team of featured contributors. We then share their thoughts with you. Here is... Read More

Article -
Focus on Mental Health in the Contact Center
Mental health is (or should be) a critical concern in contact centers, as employees in these roles can face a range of stressors that can take a toll on their mental and... Read More

Article -
Take Every Interaction and Make it Your Best
Each year, ICMI is assisted in its mission to provide the best advice and training on customer care by a group of contact center thought leaders. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board helps... Read More

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