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Contact Center Management on Fast Forward

Contact Center Management on Fast Forward

Contact Center Management on Fast Forward (CCMonFF) is the most widely read book on contact center management available today. Trusted for its accuracy, clarity, and proven guidance, it has become required reading in organizations around the world. This fourth edition is updated with new guidance on customer expectations, omnichannel, AI, social media, performance metrics, strategy, and much more!

CCMoFF is published by the organization Brad co-founded over 30 years ago: ICMI. ICMI exists to champion the contact center, connecting leaders with training, consulting, knowledge, and events to help them serve their customers better.

As the book profiles, Fortune 100 companies known for delivering customer service excellence – like Netflix, TripAdvisor, USAA, State Farm, BMW, and British Airlines to name a few – have partnered with ICMI to raise the strategic value of their customer service, meet customers where they want to be served and increase employee satisfaction and retention. The principle tenants, insights, and customer learnings from CCMoFF are at the heart of ICMI’s market-leading and highly rated contact center training and event content and outcome-oriented advisory services. ICMI customers frequently source this book with helping them advance their careers and ICMI with advancing their organization’s and team’s capabilities.

 What's New in the Fourth Edition

  • Updated coverage of today’s evolving customer expectations
  • Expanded coverage of omnichannel – staffing, metrics, and customer access alternatives
  • New content on building a customer-focused organization
  • Expanded coverage of how the contact center fits into customer experience initiatives
  • New content on quality standards and strategic value
  • New sections on AI and emerging technologies
  • New content on empowerment, customer advocacy, and quality standards

 What Readers Are Saying

University of Wisconsin Madison



"Brad Cleveland is a towering intellect in the domain of strategy and operations. Those who have had the good fortune to hear him speak, or work side-by-side with him will know exactly what I mean. But those are Brad's hit singles; this new book is a "best of" compilation album."



Customer Service Practice Director, UW E-Business Consortium, University of Wisconsin-Madison



Trip Advisor Logo



"Brad Cleveland has written a must-read book for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, in a manner that is both informative and fun to read."





Head of Global Workforce Planning & Scheduling, TripAdvisor



UL EHS Sustainability



"If you are a contact center leader who is looking to expand your knowledge of customer experience, you could not find a better resource than this. When it comes to customer experience management, there is no one more credible or thoughtful than Brad Cleveland."



Head of Customer Experience, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) EHS Sustainability





“Outstanding … Contact Center Management on Fast Forward has served as a blueprint, guide, training manual and crutch for me and my leadership team to lean on. This is essential and a must-read for all professionals, even those outside of the customer service space.”



Vice President, Health Operations, WebMD

 Organizations Utilizing CCMonFF

Australia Commonwealth





Gopher Sport








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About the Author

Brad Cleveland is known globally as one of today’s foremost experts in customer strategy and management. He has worked across 45 U.S. states and in over 60 countries for clients as diverse as American Express, Apple, USAA, the University of California, and the federal governments of Australia, Canada, and the United States. His books and articles have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He is a sought-after consultant and a popular speaker who presents with sparkle, insight, and humor.