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Workforce Management Consulting

Workforce Management Consulting


Optimize the system governing your most critical resource - People.

ICMI's Workforce Management consulting solutions can help get your contact center staffed and scheduled for peak efficiency. Our WFM consultants have decades of experience implementing new WFM programs and optimizing existing ones, and are dedicated to building custom plans to help contact centers work smarter.

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Workforce Management Optimization

Align WFM with organizational priorities and tighten communication between key operational departments.
Develop a proactive approach to forecasting that balances long-term forecasts with short-term workforce realities.
Reveal the full use of your workforce management tools, resulting in a higher ROI on technology expenses.
Improve your team's agility for handling special events and difficult forecasting and scheduling scenarios.

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Workforce Management Implementation

Create easier pattern recognition to improve forecasting accuracy, and timely and complete WFM reports to inform future decisions.
Improve forecasting for short- and long-term needs, including preparation for event-driven workforce requirements.
Achieve higher ROI on workforce tools and technologies, reducing overall costs and improving efficiency.
Increase flexibility of scheduling, resulting in improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

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The Workforce Management Consulting Process

1. Through onsite interviews and examination of data and reports, ICMI assesses the capabilities and effectiveness of your current workforce management models, systems and processes. Our WFM consultants evaluate the current tools, spreadsheets and systems your organization uses for workforce management, focusing on whether complexity is a barrier or an opportunity for effectiveness.

2. We’ll analyze the software patterns generated by your WFM tools and systems to determine how well they fit your business. Our workforce management consultants will conduct a critical analysis of your basic WFM model to determine how well it fits your business. Once your ideal model is determined, we’ll show you how you to keep your model continuously up-to-date, even as business priorities and conditions change.

3. Through guided communications with your organization, we’ll help you develop and strengthen a balanced team of WFM stakeholders, enabling you to apply business knowledge to forecasting and other processes. By acquiring greater business knowledge, your WFM team will stay informed about events and strategies in HR, IT and other key operations, including marketing and product development.

4. Our experts will then work with your teams to adjust WFM business rules for optimal agent scheduling. We’ll enable you to implement rules that balance agents’ schedule-related requests with business requirements. This allows you to recognize and account for factors that may be driving constant changes to forecasts. Your team will be able to optimize forecasting for both long-term and short-term views, gaining a complete and balanced perspective of your scheduling needs.

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