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Contact Center Site Certification

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ICMI Site Certification is a globally-recognized stamp of approval for achieving contact center excellence across all areas of operation. An ICMI Site Certified contact center has proven that it operates efficiently, adds value to its business, and boasts a world-class customer experience.

To become ICMI certified, organizations must undergo an ICMI Certification Assessment - an audit based on a set of industry standards for contact center best practices known as the ICMI Site Certification Standards (download summary). Any contact center that meets the target maturity level for each standard is awarded the ICMI Site Certified title.

For any organization that needs assistance meeting the ICMI Certification Standards, guidance is available through the ICMI Site Certification Program. Get started today - Contact ICMI Consulting.

Download the summary of ICMI's Site Certification Standards:

Summary of Standards

ICMI Contact Center Site Certification Program

Through the ICMI Contact Center Site Certification Program, organizations receive thoughtful guidance from ICMI's seasoned contact center consultants on how to meet the ICMI Site Certification Standards and become certified. Participating organizations take part in a process that employs a mix of specialized tools, cross-industry best practices, assessments, and proven recommendations that deliver sustained contact center efficiency and effectiveness. The Site Certification program consists of four stages:

1. Discovery

contact center certification discovery phase

ICMI auditors will gather all contact center and company data required to assess your operation’s level of performance.

2. Evaluation

contact center certification evaluation

ICMI consultants will evaluate your performance against the ICMI Certification Standards for contact center best practices.

3. Action Plan

call center certification action plan

For standards that are not met, ICMI will create a plan of action to help you meet requirements and bridge the gap to best practices.

4. Certification

call center site certification award

Success! Once the certification standards are met, you'll become an ICMI Certified Contact Center Operation.

Take a look behind the scenes of an official ICMI Site Certification Assessment in this Sample Report, showcasing a portion of the evaluation and analysis performed.

Download the ICMI Sample Site Certification Report

Download Sample Report

The ICMI Site Certification Program is the most effective means of bridging the gap between current performance and desired results. Trust ICMI's expert consultants and time-tested process to help you become ICMI Site Certified. Contact an ICMI Consulting Expert to get started.