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Contact Center Process Optimization Solutions

Call Center Process Optimization Toolkit

Optimize processes, reduce costs, and achieve new efficiencies.

Discover, diagnose, and treat the true causes of inefficiency in your center with ICMI's Process Optimization solutions. From workflow bottlenecks to issues with first contact resolution, our services have helped contact centers achieve their operational goals for decades. ICMI's industry-leading consultants have guided contact centers across all industry verticals and all sizes, identifying and removing roadblocks to operational efficiency.

Our process optimization solutions are broken into two services:

Process Optimization & Root Cause Toolkit
Define and document clear definitions of valid business processes.
Identify bottlenecks and prioritize process improvements.
Test and deploy new workflow designs that use data and technology more effectively.
Address cultural and operational barriers to process reengineering.

First Contact Resolution Optimization
Measure FCR correctly for your unique environment and establish a base level for improvement.
Minimize touch points and reduce contact center expenditures.
Align quality assurance monitoring processes with FCR objectives.
Collaborate with stakeholders on FCR goals.


ICMI consulting will help you build a more efficient and sustainable contact center operation. Learn more about the specific processes and procedures involved in this consulting solution by downloading the brochure:


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