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Omni Channel Assessment

contact center omni channel assessment

As the number of customer contact channels and self-service options increase, so does the need for a streamlined, unified customer experience. By developing a functional omni channel strategy, contact centers can build a customer experience that meets the demands of their customers.

Through careful observation, analysis, and planning, ICMI's Omni Channel Assessment can help you meet and sustain this goal.

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Collect information and data on customer access capabilities and all areas that are vital to contact center channel strategy.
Gather and analyze data at your contact center through interviews, focus groups, and observation (live or in-person) .
Assess the current state of your contact center strategy to determine what actions need to be taken to achieve a streamlined customer experience.
Develop a full report and presentation on your omni channel readiness or maturity, outlining steps that can be taken to achieve results.


The Omni Channel Assessment Process

1. Information Gathering:
This first step of ICMI's omni channel assessment consists of data collection and discovery, in which information from the following areas will be gathered:

  • General Project Information
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Performance Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training & Development
  • Resource Planning
  • Process Management
  • Technology
  • Customer Satisfaction

2. Site Visit
This step involves interviewing key individuals, agent observations, and focus groups. Organizations/departments involved typically include:

  • Customer Relationship Teams
  • Process Management and Quality Assurance
  • Contract and Services Management
  • Technology and Infrastructure Teams

3. Analysis
ICMI experts will use the information gathered to evaluate omni channel readiness or maturity on the following levels:

  • Omni-Channel Routing & Workforce Management:
    - Contact Routing
    - Voice Response
    - Workforce Management
    - Speech/Text Analytics
  • Customer Interaction Suite
  • Agent Pool
  • CRM Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

4. Report
Our call center omni channel consultants will take all findings and recommendations and organize them in an official report. This report is presented at the end of the project, allowing your team to ask questions and get clarification on any items within the report.

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