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Omni Channel Assessment

omni channel assessment

Build a seamless customer experience with omni channel.

As the number of customer contact channels and self-service options increase, so does the need for a streamlined, unified customer experience. By developing a functional omni channel strategy, contact centers can build a customer experience that meets the growing demands of their customers. ICMI's Omni Channel Assessment can help you reach this goal.

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Omni Channel Assessment Objectives Include:

Collecting information and data on areas that are vital to contact center channel strategy.

Gathering and analyzing live data at your contact center through interviews, focus groups, and observation.

Assessing the current state of your contact center strategy to determine what actions need to be taken.

Developing a full report and presentation on your omni channel readiness or maturity.


ICMI consulting will help you determine where you stand compared to a fully-optimized omni channel strategy that successfully streamlines all customer channels. Learn more about the specific processes and procedures involved in this consulting solution by downloading the brochure or the sample report:


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