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Home-Based Agent Program Development

Work from home agent development program

Create a custom home-based agent program.

Efficiency is everything in the contact center. And more often than not, flexibility plays a major role in overall efficiency. The needs of the contact center and the agents manning the front lines are always shifting, but with an effective home-based agent program in place, you can count on your team to be flexible without sacrificing performance.

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Benefits of a Successful Home-Based Agent Program include:

Expanding the potential workforce of your contact center operation. Recruiting work from home (WFH) agents means less reliance on geographical location.

Reducing the need for additional work space. If your contact center is at full capacity, a home-based program can save you time and money on expansion.

Supporting business continuity initiatives. In difficult times, the overall business relies on the contact center, and a contact center's flexibility.

Providing more opportunities for creative scheduling, which in turn, can have a positive effect on attrition and employee satisfaction.


ICMI consulting will partner with you to create a full-functional and effective home-based agent program for your contact center that aligns with your specific goals, and is within your budget. Get started today by reaching out and telling us a little more about your challenges, opportunities, and goals: