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Customer Experience Consulting

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Are your customers' experiences helping or hurting customer loyalty? As a contact center, profitability and cost control often depend on the quality of your customer experiences - but this quality can be difficult to assess. Through ICMI's Customer Experience Consulting, our experts will help you determine the status of your customer experience, diagnose problem areas, and outline solutions.

Clarify and solidify customer experience objectives in your contact center that are appropriate for your specific operation.
Map interaction types and collect accurate information and sample data in order to make better informed decisions.
Analyze information to determine the effectiveness of your processes in delivering valuable customer experiences.
Take steps to optimize your contact center strategy in order to incorporate a strong focus on customer experience.


The Customer Experience Consulting Process

1. ICMI’s customer experience consultants will help you clarify your objectives by bringing in the perspectives of key stakeholders – including senior management, product management and marketing – to define the desired customer experience for each segment. We work with the contact center and business stakeholders to determine the scope of your customer experience management (CEM) strategy, and then determine what information to collect and what to measure in order to understand the experience accurately within the scope.

2. Our experts will take steps to measure and analyze the customer experience end-to-end through multiple channels, including email, IVR, chat, social media, and phone. We’ll help you discover which of your contact channels are most popular with customers, and how satisfied they with their experiences. We take statistically accurate samplings and map experience interaction types to understand the impact of common dissatisfiers, such as information being conveyed inconsistently or agents’ use of negative phrases.

3. We’ll then assess how to improve experience management practices in two key areas: people (culture, rewards and recognition, performance management and training) and process (planning and budgeting, quality management, service level management, real-time management and more). This will ensure that your processes are structured to support the needs of your customers, and help you articulate the customer experience vision in terms of business strategies, product support activities, loyalty models, customer segmentation strategies and more.

4. ICMI will also evaluate your implementation of customer experience technology, including IVR/VRUs, workforce management systems, quality management systems, speech analytics, CRM and more. We’ll help you align these elements with your strategic objectives and customer experience model. Doing so improves the consistency and analytical potential of your customer research by creating a customer loyalty model that captures specific experience attributes within service encounters that most satisfy customers, drive profitability and improve loyalty.

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