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Contact Center QA Analysis

Call Center Quality Program Optimization

Aligning your Contact Center's quality assurance (QA) or quality monitoring program with strategic objectives can be a challenging task, but doing so ensures that future performance has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. And that makes it worth the effort. Through ICMI's Contact Center QA Analysis, we'll partner with you and your team to evaluate and optimize your quality program according to industry best standards.

Evaluate your current quality program and define appropriate quality goals for your operation.
Implement consistent QA standards and setup efficient team calibration within your operation.
Evaluate coaching capabilities and establish an effective contact center performance management program.
Setup internal systems to gather useful data and guide the usage of this data to drive organizational performance.


The Contact Center QA Analysis Process


1. Our contact center quality consultants start by evaluating your overall quality program, assessing your objectives and methods of measuring agent performance and behavior. This will provide us with insight into your quality program’s effectiveness at achieving your organization’s desired results.


2. Next, we’ll ensure that all key contributors to the quality program are involved and that responsibilities are properly assigned for monitoring calls, coaching agents, developing performance standards, and more. We’ll help you ensure that your contact center’s leadership, managers, supervisors and agents are well-informed about performance standards and motivated to achieve success.


3. ICMI then studies your calibration process and provides recommendations on how to improve the consistency and fairness of monitoring. We’ll also inspect and review information collected during quality monitoring in order to provide guidance on how to use it most effectively during agent coaching. We aim to ensure that your processes, data, and coaching approach all align with your objectives.


4. Finally, ICMI will use all information gathered to form a comprehensive and long term contact center quality management plan. Your contact center will move beyond generic standards to include “customer service” performance standards that often have the biggest impact on the customer experience. This plan will allow your organization to drive down costs in business and contact center processes through thoughtful, data-driven quality management.


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