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Call Center Employee Engagement Analysis

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Employee engagement in the contact center industry is regarded as one of the most important factors in a successful operation. Agent engagement has an effect on every metric on the dashboard, and plays a major role in attrition rates, meaning that poor employee engagement can be costly. Partner with ICMI to conduct a Call Center Employee Engagement Analysis and we'll work with you to create a more motivated and proactive workforce that drives value.

Create better supervision and coaching, which ultimately leads to reduced attrition rates and higher efficiency.
Develop a better understanding of hiring and retaining contact center employees across all levels and roles.
Solidify a holistic view of quality assurance that accounts for all factors effecting employee performance and satisfaction.
Put methods in place to ensure sustained contact center productivity within the workforce across the organization's lifetime.


The Employee Engagement Analysis Process

1. ICMI will start by conducting extensive interviews and research to understand your call center employee engagement process and constraints before making recommendations. Our consultants will gather and review applicable data related to employee engagement issues, including but not limited to attrition, performance and productivity. We'll conduct fact-finding interviews with senior leadership as well as contact center management to determine the root causes of the problems you are experiencing.

2. Our call center employee engagement consultants will then observe your operations and conduct live sessions, including employee focus groups. Live sessions include discovery interviews with all stakeholders, including managers, supervisors and personnel in human resources, training, quality assurance and workforce management. Based on our fact-finding, our experts will develop and implement an in-depth employee engagement survey.

3. We then assess current management practices to see if they are driving any of the issues impacting employee engagement. We evaluate current hiring and scheduling practices to see if they are best serving your organization’s overall contact center objectives or are driving some or all of the issues impacting employee engagement. We will analyze quality assurance, coaching and training practices, workforce policies as well as key performance indicators to determine whether they are helping or hindering engagement.

4. Finally, ICMI will identify steps your organization can take to create a more positive relationship between supervisors and employees. Our consultants will guide your organization to implement best practices and take steps to build and sustain the development of supervisory skills and coaching that positively impact employee engagement. We'll also document all findings and recommendations, providing you with an in-depth report and interactive presentation.

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