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A Message to the ICMI Community

Serving and Supporting You During This Difficult Time

Is it just us or does it feel like the past few weeks have actually been months? These are certainly extraordinary times and we, the ICMI team, are here to serve and support you.

Our goal has always been to deliver information that is accessible, practical, and helps you navigate your current reality. At no time has ICMI been more dedicated to this mission than we are now.

  • If it's crisis communications or delivering a quality customer experience under pressure, your peers have the insights to help you figure things out, starting with the links below.
  • If you're feeling disconnected and missing the camaraderie of your workplace, or if you want to crowdsource the resolution to a problem, #ICMIChat can help you meet others who are walking in the same shoes.
  • If you want more active support for current business challenges you're experiencing, we're here whenever you need us. Just drop us a line or an email.

The ICMI Community is a very connected and tight-knit one. Let's lean on one another during these difficult times and make our community collectively stronger together.

Stay Connected with the Community 

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