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A Message to the ICMI Community

Serving and Supporting You During This Difficult Time

Is it just us or does it feel like the past few weeks have actually been months? These are certainly extraordinary times and we, the ICMI team, are here to serve and support you.

Our goal has always been to deliver information that is accessible, practical, and helps you navigate your current reality. At no time has ICMI been more dedicated to this mission than we are now.

  • If it's crisis communications or delivering a quality customer experience under pressure, your peers have the insights to help you figure things out, starting with the links below.
  • If you're feeling disconnected and missing the camaraderie of your workplace, or if you want to crowdsource the resolution to a problem, #ICMIChat can help you meet others who are walking in the same shoes.
  • If you want more active support for current business challenges you're experiencing, we're here whenever you need us. Just drop us a line or an email.

The ICMI Community is a very connected and tight-knit one. Let's lean on one another during these difficult times and make our community collectively stronger together.

Stay Connected with the Community 

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Reflections on Pandemic-Era Contact Center Operations
While the pandemic continues, a contact center leader looks back on how her organization adapted to it, and how managers have shifted their leadership style to meet the challenge. The experience has left an indelible mark on the contact center.

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How to Support Your Sales Contact Center During Difficult Economic Times
The pandemic has upended the sales landscape, and that can affect morale in your sales-focused contact center and throughout your organization. Here are a few suggestions for how best to support your team and keep your salesforce engaged despite the disruption.

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In Unusual Times, Replace the Usual Customer Service Phrases
Aim for specificity and empathy in your interactions with customers when times are tough. We provide six examples of what not to say, and what you could say instead. 

How to Deescalate Stress for Customers and Agents in Turbulent Times
Everyone is under a tremendous amount of stress right now, and that means it is more important than ever to offer seamless and exceptional customer service. Also, don’t forget that anything you can do to support your team will benefit both agents and the customer experience.

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Reopening Plans Must Look Forward, Not to the Past
There will be no explicit return to normal after the pandemic, and it is best to plan for what a new normal should look like for agents and customers.

How to Overcome Challenges of Remote Contact Center Work in Africa
Remote work can pose unique challenges for every contact center workforce. One contact center leader shares how her team used creativity and innovation to overcome challenges of internet access, inconstant power supply, and more.  

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Service Sacrifices: Standards In Crisis | #ICMIchat Rundown (July 21, 2020)
Roy Atkinson led a thoughtful discussion about service standards in this week's #ICMIchat.

What To Read About the Future of Working from Home
Award-winning customer service analyst Roy Atkinson shares critical writing on the rapidly evolving landscape of distributed contact centers.

How to Maintain Your Cybersecurity When Your Employees Work From Home

Seven tips for enhancing security at a time when your network may be most vulnerable. 


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How to Foster Resilience for Your Workforce in Times of Crisis
How leaders can help a workforce to strengthen the characteristics that will see them through upheaval. 

An Expanded Home-Based Contact Center Workforce Could Lead to Increased Identity Theft
It’s important to think of the ways that personal information may be at risk when given to a newly dispersed workforce.

Tips to Overcome Some Common Obstacles of Shifting to a Remote Workforce
In an interview recap, Beth Gauthier-Jenkin, Vice President, Sales and Customer Support from Gopher Sports, shares what worked when the company’s workforce rapidly shifted to WFH.

Put People First During Tough Times at Your Contact Center
Here are concrete steps you can take to ensure the mental and emotional well being of your employees during turbulence. 

How to Preserve a Contact Center Culture in the WFH Shift
One company shares the structure it created to help its contact center workforce succeed remotely.

Crisis Communication Advice for Contact Center Leaders
We showcase some of the best tips from experts in communications, organizational behavior, and marketing.

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5 Things Contact Center Leaders Should Consider in a Post-COVID-19 World
Work from home likely is to become more of a standard, and remote knowledge management and training will increasingly be a must.  

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Here’s Why Knowledge Management is a Critical Part of your Business Continuity Plan
Decision-making must be accurate and decentralized when your team is working remotely during disruption. Here are some factors to consider as you write, or update, a plan.

Charter Communications Called Out For Its COVID19 Work From Home Policy
The company’s contact center and office employees reportedly criticize the policy after 230 of the workforce are diagnosed. Other contact center companies may want to take note and evaluate their own policies.  

Lessons From Moving 2,800 Support Engineers to Work From Home
How Salesforce navigated the massive upheaval of transitioning to WFH because of COVID19 in 16 days. 

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How Contact Centers Can Make WFH Sustainable
A look at the factors to consider to support a remote workforce in the wake of the outbreak of COVID19.

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How Contact Centers Can Evolve After the COVID-19 Crisis
Here are some suggestions for how to move forward and pick up the pieces for short-term and long-term success.

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Customer Loyalty May No Longer Exist, and Contact Centers Must Adapt
During the COVID-19 crisis, the only metric that matters is customer outcomes, argues one observer. To adapt, contact centers must be given broader authority to do right by customers. 

How to Make Work From Home a Success at Your Call Center
You’ll need to know your employees, have a strong communication plan that works at a distance, and set clear expectations.

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Five Ways to Enable Remote Work Rapidly
Some contact centers don't have an established Work From Home culture. Here's how to quickly get one started in times of need.

20 Ways to Empathize With Stressed-Out Customers
Empathy can sometimes be in short supply, but it is always needed in customers who call into your contact center. Here are great strategies and phrases to use to connected with customers and make them feel heard. 

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When the Plans Don't Fit the Situation: #ICMIchat Rundown (March 24, 2020)
Roy Atkinson led the #ICMIchat community in reflecting how their business continuity plans, or lack thereof, aided in their response to the ongoing pandemic.

5 Ways to Help Your Contact Center Face a Recession
Suggestions of what can be done to maintain customer experience and employee morale in the face of economic upheaval.

What to Say to Angry Customers
During a crisis, there are often waves of angry and desperate chat messages and calls. Here is sound advice for how to manage the strong emotions of customers, and maintain sanity, from Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor to ICMI. 

The Emergency Response Team of Your Business - What You Need to Know
A quick primer for how to assemble the team that will be earmarked to guide your business through disasters.

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Skills Employees Need to Work from Home
Which employees succeed at remote work? Contact center managers share a list of required skills to excel in this short and informative video.

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Designate Essential Personnel for Your Contact Center
Learn the steps of how to decide who your business needs in a crisis, and how to make sure everyone is ready for an emergency that affects your work.

Three Keys to Contact Center Workforce Optimization
How to Plan to Prepare Your Contact Center for Disaster-Related Disruption
With the possible disruptive effects of the novel coronavirus at the forefront of our minds, many contact center communities are reviewing their disaster readiness preparation. To help with the conversation, here is an introduction on how to build a business continuity plan. 

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Help Agents Manage Emotions During Difficult Customer Interactions
  Tips for helping your agents keep their cool even when it’s hard

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Ways to Keep Morale High When Your Contact Center is Distributed
Managing a distributed, international team presents both challenges and opportunities. One of the top challenges? Keeping morale high in every office and avoiding any bias towards one location over another. Here are some quick tips.

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Ways to Mitigate Agent Burnout When Your Contact Center is Understaffed
Whether you're strapped for time, money, or tools, those pressures are often felt the most by frontline agents.

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How to Deeply Understand Customer Pain
 Four critical ways you and your team can deeply understand customer problems and pain so that you can design awesome products and experiences.