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The Battle to Own the Single Pane of Glass
Now more than ever, contact centers are taking center stage as one of the critical components of a successful business.  How they organize information for their agents plays an essential role for... Read More

Reality Check: Most Contact Centers Aren't Really Omnichannel
Even outside of work, we are all familiar with contact centers; they are the places we call when we feel unhappy, confused or annoyed by a brand, or when we need information... Read More

Back to the Future: How to Align New Technology with Business Needs
The contact center industry is saturated with new technology companies that promise to be the next big thing. Yes, I'm a huge fan of technology, but technological adoption for the sake of... Read More

Considering New Contact Center Technology? Read This First!
At a recent conference, I spoke with many vendors who claim their technology will solve all my problems and brew my morning coffee. Ok, so none of the technology would brew coffee,... Read More

Going Beyond Efficiency to Customer Experience in Your Next Technology Upgrade
The big payoff for the company is leveraging tech for more problem prevention, proactivity and empowerment, not service efficiency. I was recently asked to review a forecast of technology trends and innovations... Read More

Three Ways to Optimize Technology in Your Contact Center
Developing and operating a profitable contact center is not an easy task. On one hand, managers need to consider the business side of the company by monitoring and evaluating agent performance, tracking... Read More

Empowering Agents with WFO Portals Improves Contact Center Performance
We’ve all seen it happen in contact centers. New key performance indicators (KPIs) kick-off with conviction but eventually fade into the background as agents’ focus returns to the immediate task of serving... Read More

Decision Trees - Hidden Hero of Contact Centers
Organizing information is one of the most challenging tasks of the modern age, making it useful even more so. Customer service agents now find themselves handling both more information and channels than... Read More

Improve Agent Engagement with Contact Center Automation
Improving employee engagement and empowerment is a top priority for centers in 2019, according to a recent Contact Center Pipeline survey. Center leaders know that employee engagement and lack thereof is directly... Read More

How an Insurance Company Launched Customer Service via Alexa
You’re waiting at the gate for your flight and just remembered to check whether your health insurance covers you on vacation in Belize. No sweat. Just quickly ask Alexa on your phone... Read More

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