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Answers to Two More of Your Questions About Contact Center Operations
In part one of this blog series, I answered two of your questions about contact center industry standards. For the second installment, I’ll tackle two more questions from our community.  I hope... Read More

What Happens to Customer Service When Unemployment Hits Historic Lows?
A low unemployment rate is cause for celebration. It means people are working, paying taxes, and bringing home the bacon. That’s why most people see the current 3.6% US unemployment rate as... Read More

The Best Managed Contact Centers: #7 – They View the Contact Center as a Total Process 

Contact centers that consistently get the best results view the operation as a total process. This viewpoint takes many forms: Ensure that everyone in the contact center, and those with key supporting... Read More

Answers to Two Common Questions on Contact Center Industry Standards
Why I Love and Appreciate Questions from our Community– Part One As we enter the second half of 2019, I want to thank everyone who asked me a question in 2019, 2018... Read More

Schedule Adherence and Real-Time Monitoring Respond to Kindness
It’s been a long time since the first time I walked into a call center. Productivity and efficiency then were measured mostly by ACD data, and there was little acknowledgment that the... Read More

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #6 – They Leverage the Key Statistics
Contact center measurements are plentiful and it’s easy to get buried in information. The contact centers that get the best results from using their reports and information have several things in common:... Read More

What Is Analytics-Driven Quality Management?
Read More

Ways to Keep Morale High When Your Contact Center is Distributed
Managing a distributed, international team presents both challenges and opportunities. One of the top challenges? Keeping morale high in every office and avoiding any bias towards one location over another. This week... Read More

Characteristics of the Best Managed Contact Centers: #5--They Have an Established, Collaborative Planning Process
Effective planning is a central theme in the best contact centers. A major objective of proper planning is to get the right number of skilled people and supporting resources in place at... Read More

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