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Announcing The 2019 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Finalists
The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Program is the most comprehensive awards program dedicated to the customer management industry. It is designed to honor and recognize the companies, contact centers and individuals... Read More

Using Technology to Automate QA? Look Before You Leap
Quality Assurance, or QA for short, is in desperate need of repair in most companies.  According to a recent study by research firm CEB, now a part of Gartner, only 12% of... Read More

Things to Consider When Training an Outsourced Team
This week guest host Jeremy Watkin led an #ICMIchat discussion on the ways BPOs are crushing it in the contact center space. One of the questions he raised: what should you consider... Read More

5 Ways Contact Centers Can Help Break Down Walls & Silos in Organizations
Within many organizations, barriers to both resources and information exist. Unfortunately, when it comes to the contact center, these walls not only impede the progress of team members but also limit the... Read More

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #2 – They Have a Supporting Culture
Last month we kicked off a blog series that will reveal the characteristics of the best-managed contact centers. Characteristic #1? They Produce High Levels of Value. (You can read the first post in... Read More

What Sets the Best Managed Contact Centers Apart?
This May, Brad Cleveland will deliver an ICMI Contact Center Expo Session that reveals the ten characteristics of the best-managed contact centers. The session will be based on insight from his book... Read More

7 Tips for Improving Contact Center Productivity
Happy New Year! During our first #ICMIchat of 2019, we asked participants to share their best tips for boosting productivity in the contact center. Here are seven of the best responses. Watch... Read More

Determining the Optimal Staffing Structure is a Lot Like Getting Dressed
When I see someone present a "best practice, best of breed, blue ribbon panel endorsed" template for Contact Center staffing structures I can feel that right eyebrow of mine begin to rise.... Read More

Characteristics of the Best-Managed Contact Centers: #1
In some organizations, you can feel the energy as soon as you walk in the door. It takes many forms: pride of workmanship, a feeling of community, good planning, coordination and the... Read More

8 Contact Center Pros Share Their Top Challenges of 2018
This week, #ICMIchat was all about reflection. We discussed top trends from 2018 as we pondered what they might mean for the future. We also asked participants to share the number one... Read More

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