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Are You Taking the Necessary Precautions to Keep Customers Safe Online?
Contact centers are often the target of threats to cybersecurity. The perpetrators behind such attacks are always after the privacy and data of people, and there’s no other place to find an... Read More

7 Contact Center Pros Share Their Top Challenges
Next week, 1,500 contact center professionals will gather together at ICMI Contact Center Expo. The goal for this year? Navigating the tides of transformation. It's an exciting time to work in the... Read More

7 Practical Tips for Improving the Relationship Between Marketing and Customer Service
In a few select companies, the Marketing Department and the Customer Service Department are like a happily married middle-aged couple. They like the same music, they finish each other’s sentences, and they’re... Read More

Answers to 5 of Your Questions About Contact Center Operations
You asked, we answered. Earlier this week during #ICMIchat, we tackled nine questions our community members submitted about contact center operations, strategy, and management. This video recaps answers to five of the... Read More

Characteristics of the Best Managed Contact Centers: #4
One of the most critical — and difficult — aspects of managing a contact center is to provide services that satisfy changing consumer demands. Those who fall behind pay a brutal price:... Read More

Too Much Time on Your Hands?
Tommy Shaw wrote the song “Too Much Time on My Hands” for the triple platinum, 1981, Styx album titled “Paradise Theater.” Styx performed the first rock concert I ever attended – I... Read More

9 Reasons to Consider Making a Move to Scoreless QA
Scoreless QA. Is that even possible?! While only 10% of the ICMI community currently uses a scoreless QA model, it's a trend that's on the rise. And according to our #ICMIchat community,... Read More

Announcing The 2019 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Finalists
The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Program is the most comprehensive awards program dedicated to the customer management industry. It is designed to honor and recognize the companies, contact centers and individuals... Read More

Using Technology to Automate QA? Look Before You Leap
Quality Assurance, or QA for short, is in desperate need of repair in most companies.  According to a recent study by research firm CEB, now a part of Gartner, only 12% of... Read More

Things to Consider When Training an Outsourced Team
This week guest host Jeremy Watkin led an #ICMIchat discussion on the ways BPOs are crushing it in the contact center space. One of the questions he raised: what should you consider... Read More

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