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Improving Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

Improving Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

Date Published: June 13, 2016 - Last Updated 2 Years, 116 Days, 8 Hours, 28 Minutes ago

Pages: 14

Sponsor: Genesys

"We’re confusing employee satisfaction with employee engagement." - Justin Robbins, ICMI

Improving and sustaining an engaged workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s contact center.  While employee engagement is not a new issue for many contact centers, the importance of positively affecting it could not be greater.  We’re in an era where the customer experience is king and organizations are realizing that excellent customer experiences can only happen when the employee experience itself is excellent.  

According to ICMI’s research, some of the greatest factors that contribute to the lack of engagement includes poor leadership, ineffective tools and technologies, and a missing connection as to how an employee’s work actually matters.  Effectively improving employee engagement in the future will require a balanced approach to people, process, and technologies today. 

In this ICMI Trend Report, we’ll explore:

  • How to accurately define and understand employee engagement
  • The root causes of disengagement
  • Ways to improve engagement through coaching and development programs
  • Tools for creating and using an engagement survey
  • How the right technology can increase employee engagement
  • Research, case studies, and new ideas for improving employee engagement

By downloading this report, you’ll gain brand new insights on how to advance the state of employee engagement in your contact center.

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