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Ready for Anything: How Proactive Contact Centers Stay Ahead of the Curve

Ready for Anything: How Proactive Contact Centers Stay Ahead of the Curve

Air Date: January 27, 2020
Time: 2 pm ET

Rebecca Gibson , Thomas Laird , Annette Miesbach

Moderators: Andrew Gilliam
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Watch the webinar video below.

Join us on Wednesday, January 27, at 2:00 PM ET for an interactive and informative hour where industry experts and skillful practitioners unpack the attributes of agile and proactive contact centers that stand ready for any obstacle.

Last year, contact centers overcame a seemingly endless array of hurdles challenging nearly every aspect of their operations. While many are normalizing their affairs, they remain wary of further change on the horizon. ICMI research suggests that preparing for any emergency results in better outcomes from any crisis, but many are left wondering how to prepare for such unpredictable circumstances.

In this discussion, industry experts and skillful practitioners unpack the attributes of agile and proactive contact centers that stand ready for any obstacle. They'll explore the fortified processes, resilient cultures, and cutting-edge technology that keeps businesses one step ahead. Delve into the emerging trends shaping the future of customer service, and walk away with practical tips to prepare for the year ahead.

Additionally, we'll investigate:

  • How customer needs and preferences are evolving
  • Why knowledge management is essential to agility
  • Strategies for handling unexpected surges in demand
  • Technologies that promote flexibility and identify emerging issues before they become disasters

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Rebecca Gibson
Contact Center Consultant, Gibson Learning and Performance

Rebecca Gibson, Gibson Learning and Performance, is a tireless contact center advocate who believes passionate, connected employees are the key to memorable customer experiences. She specializes in practical, creative approaches to contact center training, employee development and support, performance management, and contact center quality. 

With over 20 years of contact center experience, Rebecca has worked in HR and recruiting, training and development, software product design, and consulting leadership. Her consulting and training experience includes Genesys, Magellan Health Services, ICMI, and extended engagements with USAA, Convergys, Verizon Wireless, and Covered California. She’s a frequent contributor to Contact Center Pipeline and other industry publications and currently serves on the ICMI Advisory Board. Connect with her at in/rebeccargibson/ and @gibsonlearning.

Thomas Laird
Thomas Laird
CEO, Expevia Interaction Group

Founder and CEO of a 500-seat BPO headquartered in Pennsylvania, Thomas Laird has 25 years of experience in all facets of contact center operations spanning many industries. He has run service and sales programs for most of the largest financial institutions in the U.S. Additionally, he is the author of Advice from a Call Center Geek.

Annette Miesbach
Annette Miesbach
Product Marketing Manager, NICE CXone

Annette Miesbach joined the Product Marketing team at NICE CXone more than five years ago and is currently responsible for product marketing activities for a number of CXone products. Her areas of responsibilities include omnichannel routing, MAX – My Agent eXperience, supervisor and administration user interfaces, and all inbound and outbound, voice and digital interaction channels. Before joining NICE CXone, she held various roles in product marketing and management for a premises-based contact center solution.

Andrew Gilliam, ICMI Featured Contributor
Andrew Gilliam
Associate Analyst , HDI & ICMI | Informa Tech

Andrew Gilliam is a passionate Customer Experience innovator and change agent, with a background in IT support and customer service. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, and discover more at andytg.com.



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