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About The Author

Afshan Kinder
Partner, Switchgear Ltd

Afshan’s expertise in sales, service, leadership and coaching uses blended learning strategies on a powerful e-learning platform.  Examples of strategies include customized virtual learning and a combination of video and audio conferencing, assignments, case studies, testing and one on one coaching.  The final goal is to always ensure each individual is successful building skill. She designs innovative training and coaching approaches, she customizes different mediums from virtual to physical, to suit the content the client desires. The focus is not all about training and coaching, it is to realize high adoption and sustainability of behavioral change.As a self-proclaimed ‘student for life’, Afshan’s passionate about learning and applying what she learns. What truly makes the difference for Afshan is results – not just hard results like higher customer satisfaction or increased revenue, it’s employee and leader satisfaction that creates the energy to sustain gains.

 With 30+ years of experience in Telecom, Utilities, Financial Services, Packaged Goods, E-Commerce and Technology, working across all communication channels in contact centers, retail and ‘in field’ sales and service, you’ll reap the benefit of her vast experience. Her client list includes TELUS, Transcom, BMO Investorline, Nestle, Canadian Tire, Scotiabank, Air Miles, Jenny Craig and Ceridian.

Away from a client’s site, Afshan sits on the GTACC Advisory Board and is a contributing author to 3 books, Call Centers FOR DUMMIES, Game Changing Ideas: 10 Years of SwitchGear Insights, and Amazon Kindle best-selling book Called to Action.  Afshan is also a requested speaker at conferences throughout North America. When Afshan closes her lap-top she enjoys live music and comedy with her husband…. and her 2 bossy cats, Frankie & Maui, ensure she understands they’re #1!


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