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Top 10 Reasons to Join the BYOD Revolution

"Bring Your Own Device," or BYOD solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the modern enterprise. As the workplace changes, with new trends like globalization and remote working leading the way, businesses of all shapes and sizes are beginning to recognize the value of a more flexible approach to employee devices. 

While the BYOD definition you choose for your company will differ according to your internal security standards and regulations, it's safe to say that there are plenty of benefits to consider. From reduced expenses to more satisfied employees, here are ten reasons to consider joining the BYOD revolution.

The Time is Right

BYOD might not be a new idea in 2019, but it's fair to say that it's more accessible today than ever before. Advanced devices, ubiquitous operating systems, and stronger security solutions have all made it easier for any company to adopt BYOD technology. What's more, it's worth noting that the rise of remote working, with 50% of UK workers set to work outside of the office by 2020, means BYOD is more crucial today too.

Additionally, BYOD could help to make your business more agile in this competitive environment too, with workers saving an average of 81 minutes each week if they use their own devices.

You'll Cut Costs

The expenses associated with BYOD have always been less than the costs of providing your employees with a new selection of business-owned devices. However, in 2019, it's going to be even more cost-effective to take the BYOD route. Providers are beginning to offer more BYOD solutions through the cloud, along with flexible data storage packages for remote workers.

Some studies even suggest that it's possible to save between $350 and $3,000 per year for each employee that embraces the BYOD solution.

Appeal to the New Generation

Millennials are set to make up around 75% of the workforce by the end of 2025, and that means that businesses need to appeal to a whole new range of employees. Today's staff members expect more flexibility and freedom from their workplace devices. If you want to appeal to the latest generation, then you need to show them that they can use their own tools in your office.

Improve Productivity

We already mentioned above that team members frequently save time when they're using familiar applications and devices. With BYOD solutions, there's no need to train your employees or provide guidance on how to use new technology, because they're using the same devices that they use every day.

This can lead to a significant increase in productivity, as well as efficiency. For instance, according to 73% of executives, BYOD significantly increases the performance of team members within the modern workforce.

Greater Flexibility

Today's employees don't just want access to the latest technology; they want the freedom to be able to choose which kind of tech is right for them. With BYOD, you can keep your software on the cloud, and ensure that your employees have the option to use whichever tools they might like. Employees are turning to BYOD to get more control over their work experience. According to one survey, 40% of staff members said that "device choice" was their top priority at work.

Better Employee Retention

BYOD not only helps companies to attract more of the latest talent to their workforce, but it also ensures that the people you bring to your team are more likely to stay with you. Studies suggest that 78% of workers feel that sticking with a single device in their workplace helps them to manage a better work/life balance. 

Happier workers aren't just more committed to your business; they're also more likely to go above and beyond to accomplish the goals of the company too.

Easy Adoption 

Adoption is a common concern for any business, particularly when it comes to rolling out the latest disruptive technology. Fortunately, even if you're introducing new software and programs to your employees, the fact that they'll be able to use a familiar device to access these tools can help to make adoption easier. 

Your staff will naturally feel more proficient with their own devices, even if they're learning how to use new software.

Eliminate Device Purchase Fees

BYOD is a great way for smaller businesses to ensure that their employees have access to the latest technology and solutions, without spending a fortune. BYOD makes your staff members responsible for the devices they plan on using for work, which means that you don't need to worry as much about continually updating smartphones and tablets.

Reduced Pressure on Support Teams

Additionally, because the devices your employees use in BYOD are their responsibility, there's a good chance that they'll take a lot more care of them. This could mean that there's less pressure on your support staff to continually fix and replace the devices that your team members rely on. Additionally, you should find that because your people are familiar with the technology that they're using, they don't have to phone your IT team and ask for help continually.

Embrace Remote Working 

Finally, the flexibility of cloud-based solutions like BYOD means that you can transform the way your employees work. In 2019, as the popularity of remote and flexible work increases, BYOD will give you the opportunity to connect with your employees wherever they are. After all, they'll be able to access the tools that they need from any device.

Is it time you joined the BYOD revolution? 

Remember, the vendor you choose to support your communication strategy will play a big part in your success.