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Mysteries of Multichannel Revealed

Have you heard about the mysterious creature known as the successful multichannel contact center? The illusive entity that can perfectly support any customer from any channel, with any agent, and report seamlessly on any activity; all while meeting and exceeding any KPI. Well, it turns out that although most contact centers may not be at that level of perfection, almost all of them are multichannel.

We at ICMI know that multichannel support has never been easy, and that the emerging channels are now making it even more complicated. That’s why we are engaging the help of some of the best and the brightest to unveil new research, trade war stories, and share real-life successes.

Join us Wednesday 8.21 at 8pm ET as ICMI hosts the third TweetChat in a series leading up to Call Center Demo in Atlanta. We’ll be tackling Multichannel and the Emerging Channels head-on. We’ll share insight from our two most recent contact center community surveys – ‘The Agent Experience in the Multichannel World’, and ‘Emerging Channels and Customer Engagement’, as well as hear from community leaders, practioners, and experts.

Bring your questions! Bring your answers!

We’ll discuss customer channel preferences and how they sometimes conflict with agent experiences and corporate expectations. We’ll talk about the best channels for your customers, the technology investments you should consider, and the tools your agents need. Our great social community will be armed with ideas on metrics, training, agent hiring profiles, and the impact of the emerging channels.

It’s a fast-paced and fun-filled hour with lots of useful information! Join us Wednesday at 8p at #CCDemo13. If you are unsure of how to participate in a TweetChat, then just tweet us at @callcentericmi and we’ll tell you how!

USAN Emerging Channels Infographic