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Exclusive Product Introductions from ACCE 2012

Business Telecom Products

Business Telecom Products announces distribution of New Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cables for Plantronics New Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cables for Plantronics wireless headsets allow you to connect an online indicator light (OLI) accessory. The online indicator light flashes to lets others know you are busy on a call. There are a variety of versions of the cable available. They are compatible with Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, Siemens, and Nortel phones.


CallCopy recently debuted version 5.0 of its cc: Discover workforce optimization suite. cc: Discover is a single, flexible solution that allows organizations to implement the functionality that best suits their specific needs. The suite’s call recording, quality management, screen capture, speech analytics, desktop analytics, agent coaching, performance management, customer surveys and workforce management all operate in a single framework.

CallCopy also announced the integration of cc: Clarity, CallCopy's next generation workforce management solution cc: Clarity goes far beyond the typical features found in standard WFM platforms by redefining the way contact centers are managed. Features include forecasting and scheduling, intraday management, effective agent communication, reporting, dashboards and wallboards, integration with third-party tools and an intuitive interface.

Hold-Free Networks

Hold-Free Networks has launched Secure App Messaging to complement its service module for enterprise Smartphone apps. Enterprises recognize that "service is the new sales" and that the best way to retain clients and generate more revenue is to deliver a superior customer service experience and gain insights in the process. Secure App Messaging provides a personalized communication channel that enterprises can use to send the consumer follow up information, targeted offers, and fraud prevention verifications.

Hold-Free Networks has also launched a Social Sentiment module to complement its enterprise contact center cloud. Consumers have the ability to submit feedback on the customer service experience that can be published to social networks or routed directly to the enterprise for action. This module includes an engagement console that enables agents to view comments and generate responses while remaining apprised of service level thresholds, context surrounding individual comments, and overall trends affecting the contact center.


Jabra introduced the Jabra PRO 920 is a professional entry-level wireless headset for all leading desk phone systems. The PRO 920 offers essential features in a simple wireless headset design, enabling users to multi-task on a call. Jabra PRO 920 offers crystal clear audio and a noise-canceling microphone eliminates unwanted background noise from an office or call center environment. User-friendly voice prompts make set-up a breeze, and call-control buttons make it easy to control calls from the headset.

The Jabra PRO 930 is a professional entry-level wireless headset designed for Unified Communications and PC-based telephony, such as Skype. Jabra PRO 930 provides users with hands-free mobility, enabling them to multi-task with maximum efficiency up to 325 ft from their desk while taking calls. Simply connect the headset a computer and it’s ready to use. The headset delivers a crystal clear wideband audio experience for softphone and conference calls, live presentations, and other multimedia applications.

Leads360, Inc.

Leads360, Inc., released two Dial-IQ enhancements, Inbound Dialing and Multiline Dialing. A single rep can now make up to 500 calls per hour! Dial-IQ's automated intelligence dramatically increases efficiency versus manual dialing. Our multi-line dialer allows users to simultaneously dial up to 4 numbers. Reps only connect to live calls, decreasing down time and raising contact rates by 66%. The number of lines an agent simultaneously calls is configurable.

Get more calls from customers that convert with Dial-IQ's Intelligent Inbound Dialer from Leads360. Dial-IQ provides the same intelligence, speed and efficiency to inbound campaigns as it does to outbound. Dial-IQ generates phone numbers for inbound campaigns, identifies inbound callers with a pop-up window, and allows mangers to automatically route calls to individual salespeople. Dial-IQ also allows users to connect inbound calls to an interactive voice response (IVR) with a customized menu.

OpenSpan, Inc.

OpenSpan announced the availability of OpenSpan Release 5.2. The new release includes support for Visual Studio 2010, integration support for Microsoft Office 2010 applications, new and improved Desktop Analytics reports, real-time integration with leading workforce management systems, and other enhancements such as Active Directory support for user and group management and optimization for high availability and distributed site deployment models.


Teleopti released the Teleopti CCC Anywhere. Today’s managers need real time intelligence on the go, tools that help them keep an eye on their operations from anywhere at any time. Teleopti CCC Anywhere is a mobile dashboard that lets you keep track of your contact centre’s availability and SLA, forecasted and actual volumes as well as planned and actual resources. Its clean interface, intuitive navigation and natural touch gestures allow you to get things done quickly, easily and with style.

Teleopti also announced a new version of the Teleopti CCC MyTime WEb. The new Teleopti CCC MyTime Web enables users to view schedules, input work time preferences and availability and communicate in real time, from the office or from home, from a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. MyTime Web allows agents to stay in touch with their schedules and supervisors and get notified of last minute changes wherever they are. Increase efficiency, improve communication and adherence and empower your agents all in one solution.


ZOOM announced ZOOM SpeechREC. The ZOOM SpeechREC is a powerful speech analytics solution for small and large organizations that allows you to analyze (mine) calls for customer satisfaction patterns. Generate compelling out-of-the-box reports that will provide your organization with detailed actionable intelligence for every customer interaction. SpeechREC deploys faster than legacy systems and integrates seamlessly with the ZOOM QM Suite, which allows for faster payback on invested capital.