ICMI Professional Certification

ICMI’s certification program was designed to ensure contact center leaders deliver the best service, manage teams effectively, and keep their eyes on the innumerable balls that keep a contact center humming. This comprehensive program provides organizations with flexible, easily accessible education focused around the pillars of contact center management.

The first of its kind, this four-course program offers mastery-level training for contact center management professionals, providing and validating the skills needed to make strong business decisions and set strategic direction. The program was designed by the industry, for the industry, by the Call Center Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) and identifies role-specific knowledge, skills and competencies that have been shown to inform superior contact center job performance.


Certification Designations

Although all professional designations receive identical training, the testing & performance assessments are based on the competencies required for each designation. Choose the right one for you.

ICMI-Certified Strategic Leader (CCSL)
ICMI-Certified Operations Manager (CCOM)
ICMI-Certified Management Partner (CCMP)
ICMI-Certified Management Consultant (CCMC)


Why ICMI Professional Certification?

  • It’s critical.
    Most contact center leaders – at every level – have learned on the job. This experiential learning will only get a professional so far.  Research shows that optimizing strategic and operational leadership skills through best practice, formalized training has a dramatic impact on customer satisfaction, employee turnover and productivity, and revenue growth. 
  • It’s easy.
    Today’s leader values convenience. That’s why ICMI’s certification training is delivered in a self-paced, dynamic eLearning framework.

    Highlights of this turnkey program include:
    • 75 hours of self-paced, dynamic eLearning – train where and when it’s convenient for you and your team
    • Practical information that can be applied immediately to improve your center
    • Expert and peer support
    • Testing to ensure comprehension of key concepts
    • A variety of content delivery methods to satisfy every learning type
    • It’s flexible.  
      Because ICMI certification training is organized into discreet courses – and can be purchased with or without testing – organizations can use this framework to develop their leaders based on need. ICMI can work with you to assess your development gaps, and align an access plan to keep your leadership on track.
    • It works.   
      Organizations like Coca Cola, Teleflora, AAA, and American Express have effectively used ICMI’s professional certification to develop their leaders, improve employee retention, identify skill gaps across their teams, and standardize their approach – especially across multiple locations and geographies.

    "The biggest benefit that we started seeing during the first certification class – and continue to see – is a deeper and more robust understanding of contact center operations. The tangible things like selling up within Coke, managing call center budgets, and understanding call load to accurately forecast schedules helped us optimize our contact center strategy."

    Glenn Gemmill ICMI-Certified Strategic Leader, VP of the Customer Care Center at Coca-Cola Refreshments

    Think leadership development doesn’t impact the bottom line? Think again.

    Great results are driven by great leaders. Research shows that ineffective leadership has a staggering impact on customer satisfaction, employee productivity and retention – to the tune of over $1 million per year for the average organization.

    Most contact center leaders – at every level – have learned on the job. This experiential learning will only get a professional so far. Optimizing strategic and operational leadership skills has a dramatic impact on results. Research from The Ken Blanchard Companies shows:   

    • Better leadership can generate a 3%-4% improvement in cSat scores and 1.5% increase in revenue growth
    • At least 9% and as much as 32% of the cost associated with employee turnover is directly attributable to poor management practices
    • Most organizations are operating with a 5% to 10% productivity drag that better leadership practices could eliminate.  

      What are you doing today to develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve excellence in your center? Are you providing the leaders of tomorrow with the education they need to ensure continued service excellence in the future?

      ICMI can help you drive improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency through enhanced leadership development. Our comprehensive training and certification program provides contact centers with flexible, easily accessible education focused around the pillars of contact center management.

      Ineffective leadership has a staggering impact on the bottom line. Don’t wait to invest in your leadership – start transforming your customer service organization today.

      Think you don't have the time? We make it easy.

      Our completely online program lets you learn when you want and at the pace youchoose. With a full year to complete about 75 hours of self-study and interactive exercises, you can learn on a schedule that’s convenient for you.

      Each course(Operations, Customers, People and Leadership) includes:

      Comprehensive, online study guides –right at your fingertips

      •       Study guides by chapter
      •       Exercises and study guides interactively connected
      •       Also available in .pdf format

      Interactive e-learning exercises to reinforce key concepts

      •         Multiple choice/matching
      •         Calculations& formulas
      •         Videos
      •         Practice tests

      Topic-based self-evaluations to encourage immediate application

      •         Consider current state of your center
      •         Identify areas of opportunity
      •         Create roadmap for improvement

      Discussion forums and polls for peer-to-peer sharing

      •         Available 24/7
      •         Social learning
      •         Peer interaction

      Access to Certified instructors

      •         Private messaging
      •         Responses within 24 hours
      •         Instructor-led virtual test-prep sessions

      Testing to validate comprehension

      •         Proctored environment (live or virtual)
      •         Certificate after each test passed
      •     Optional, but required to receive certification

      Think you don't need it all? Take only the courses you want.

      Althoughbecoming certified requires completion of the full program, the training iscompletely modular and can be used to fill the gaps of learning that existwithin your team. 

      • Discrete courses in Operations, Customer, People and Leadership
      • Pursue the complete certification program or select specific courses
      • Purchase training alone or training and testing.

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