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Working with Remote Employees

Flexibility on the job is a top priority for many job seekers, so more and more companies are offering remote work options to attract desirable applicants. Yet, once companies have recruited and... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Going Remote in the #cctr

By now you've probably noticed a theme on this week.  As we close out our month of culture and morale, we're devoting the final week to a topic that's become increasingly... Read More

Remote Workers Will Rule the World (Or At Least the Contact Center)

Remote workers. Working from home, the local coffee shop or rent-by-the-day business suites. It’s easier than ever to work outside of the office with smart phones, laptops, tablets, cloud computing, video chatting... Read More

The Challenges of a Remote Workforce--Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

Halloween is coming up quickly and many contact centers are preparing for how they will celebrate with their staff.  Many will allow their agents to dress up and some will even have... Read More

Five Tips to Keep Remote Agents Engaged

Remote, at-home agents are an increasingly popular option for many call centers looking for a low-cost way to expand operations beyond the center’s physical walls. But managing these remote agents – and... Read More

5 Ways the Role of Supervisor is Changing

Some predicted the decline of supervisors in today’s contact centers ... but is that what’s really happening? A long time ago in contact center years—January of this year, I believe—I ran across... Read More

Things to Consider When Hiring a Home Agent

It’s unusual to find a customer service operation that doesn’t currently support home agents or isn’t seriously considering it. In fact, several contact center outsourcers use the home agent model exclusively as... Read More

If you want to sell something, tell a story

Instead of telling someone how great you are, how wonderful your product is, or what your company service is and how it is the best – tell a story. The best sales... Read More

5 Ways to Improve Morale on a Budget

If you attempt combatting bad morale by throwing parties, dispensing gift cards, or hosting appreciation lunches, chances are you’ll notice little if any sustained improvements. These “solutions”—although good intentioned—will appease your agents... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Employee Rewards and Incentives

Last week during #ICMIchat we discussed the importance of employee engagement.  This week, we went a little deeper. How can contact center leaders use rewards and incentives to motivate their staff?  Is... Read More

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