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How to Performance Manage and Not Kill Culture

Today’s contact center is a paradox. On one hand, managing agent performance often leads to increased micromanagement. The contact center is awash in metrics and KPIs. Seemingly every activity is monitored, recorded,... Read More

On Time Pizza Delivery, No Matter What

Do a little bit extra, take care of something that needs to be done, pitch in and help, do something for someone else that isn’t your job or isn’t required – those... Read More

#CCExpo14 Thought Leadership Panel: The Multichannel Contact Center

What are the new demands that multichannel agents face today? How can the contact center help mitigate? And how can contact centers best guide customers to use the right channel for their... Read More

6 Surprising Advantages of a Self-Service Portal

Having a reliable, dedicated self-service portal that your customers can turn to can bring a mound of benefits to your overall brand image and customer service platform, some of which you may... Read More

Dynamic Applications: Why Software Defined Organizations are on Their Way Out

Our lives have become dictated by the latest technologies, with providers offering us solutions and applications that we never knew we needed.  As a result, our corporate models have mimicked the convenience... Read More

4 Steps to Enhancing Your Self-Service Strategy

More than ever, customers have the power to influence your brand's reputation and klout — they expect to interact with and experience your brand on their preferred channel, at the time of... Read More

3 Ways Self-Service Fights Customer Churn

Self-service has emerged as one of the most dominant channels for customer service. According to research by Forrester, 72% of customers prefer self-service to service over the phone or email. But customers... Read More

4 Ideas to Consider When Developing a Web-based Self-Service Solution

Most contact centers want their customers to use self-service.  Many of us, as customers, prefer to use self-service as well.  Self-service creates cost savings for our businesses and allows our customers the... Read More

The Rise of Self-Service Business Intelligence

Smart businesses, not just big businesses, are harnessing Big Data. The rise of self-service business intelligence promises to make sure IT bottlenecks are a thing of the past. See how your company... Read More

Be Reachable--You Are Not Bill Murray

If you give someone your contact information – an email, a phone number, a business card – and he or she contacts you: Reply to the email Answer the phone call Return... Read More

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