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3 Tips to Improve Contact Center Reporting

“My goal is that our reporting is concise, honest, accurate, and actionable.” – Reporting Coordinator, Blue Ocean Contact Centers Many company leaders share that same goal. However, aligning your contact center reporting... Read More

5 Most Important Real-Time Metrics to Track and Measure

Maximizing efficiency and providing consistently positive customer experiences is the top-level goal of every contact center. In order to be successful, contact centers need to track, measure and act on the right... Read More

How Remote Employees Can Help Contact Centers Better Manage Peak Seasons

Over the past thirty years the contact center has become a business’ biggest resource. Larger companies no longer need to staff and manage customer service or lead generation departments. Smaller companies can... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Upward Mobility in the Contact Center

I was recently reminded of one of those dark secrets from my past as a customer service manager. Wow! I made that sound way too scandalous, didn’t I? Back in the day,... Read More

25 Characteristics of a Great Manager

Great managers don't simply manage, they lead. What does it take to be a great manager in the modern workplace? Our #ICMIchat participants shared their thoughts on the key characteristics. What would... Read More

What Works in Training: Context Alignment

So far in this series that focuses on what works in training (as opposed to the many learning myths out there that are ever so attractive, but misleading), I’ve looked at using... Read More

Employee Development without the Big Budget

We know, of course, that employee development is an essential component in the loyal employee, satisfied customer, and happy shareholder equation. But when there isn’t money for expensive leadership development programs and... Read More

One Call at a Time: How the Education at Work Contact Center is Equipping Millennials for Career Success

Do you think millennials only use their phones for selfies, texts and SnapChat posts? Is so, you’re not alone, but you’re probably wrong. According to 2015 research, 37% of millennials make five... Read More

Talk Less, Listen More

Note from the editors: This tip from Dayna is a great one to pass around the contact center! How well are your agents really listening to your customers? How well are you... Read More

Are You Guilty of Creating High Effort Customer Experiences?

Is it easy for customers to do business with your company? According to American Express research, the average happy customer tells nine people about their experience. Not only that, but 86% are... Read More

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If you cross-train your representatives to handle multiple contact types and/or channels, what impact do you see on productivity and quality when you periodically rotate them through channels?

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