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How to Measure and Communicate Contact Center ROI

Contact centers have the potential to create value on three distinct levels: 1: Efficiency 2: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty 3: Strategic Value During #ICMIchat this week we focused on the third level:... Read More

What Works in Training: Repetition

In previous articles, I have discussed the following research-backed techniques for training: Using multiple senses Chunking the content Aligning the learning context to the workplace context, and Guiding attention to what is... Read More

How to Apply Traditional Contact Center Metrics to Social Media

Want to learn more about the challenges of applying traditional contact center metrics to online channels? Join Al Hopper, Justin Robbins, Neal Topf, Jeremy Watkin, and Jeff Toister for an interactive and... Read More

Create Better Customer Outcomes Through Journey Mapping

Interested in learning how to map the customer journey? Join Jim at Contact Center Demo & Conference! He'll lead a half-day workshop that provides everything you need to run a journey mapping... Read More

10 Tips to Master Event Networking

Fall event season is upon us, and we’re thrilled to welcome many of you to Dallas this October for Contact Center Demo and Conference! The agenda is packed, and the speaker lineup... Read More

Ease the Pain of Calling a Contact Center

Does waiting on hold with an airline test your patience? Does navigating the cable company IVR drive you nuts? As a contact center leader, you know how difficult it is to design... Read More

6 Unique Ways to Improve Contact Center Accessibility

According to ICMI research, 83% of contact centers measure their accessibility and one-third of contact center leaders consider it to be an indispensable metric. While most contact centers meet their accessibility goals... Read More

Three Multichannel Contact Center Metrics that Matter

Average handle time. Service level. First Contact Resolution. Everyone is interested in contact center metrics. Well, perhaps not everyone—but metrics are essential to understand how a contact center is functioning and where... Read More

The Most Important Social Customer Service KPIs

Is there any acronym in business more contentious than KPI? Especially in social customer service, key performance indicators are like a double­-edged sword. One school of thought is that contact centers and... Read More

Insider Tips: How to Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is the new marketing. So, what's the best way to provide great customer service? Contact centers have a wealth of data, but data without action or purpose is useless. During... Read More

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Does your contact center have a policy regarding allowing agents who wish to apply for internal company positions outside the contact center?

No, we don’t have a formal policy
Yes, agents must work in the contact center for at least 1 year before applying for other positions
Yes, agents must work in the contact center for at least 6 months before applying for other positions
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