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28 Tips for a More Efficient Contact Center

Successful contact center agents must be patient, empathetic, critical thinkers and problem solvers. They must remain composed during stressful times, and have a heart for serving customers. On top of it all,... Read More

Gestures of Trust Win Big Results

I was attending a breakout session on social media strategy at a customer service conference when the presenter asked, “Who allows their reps to have Facebook on their work computers?” Not surprisingly,... Read More

ICMI Speaker Spotlight: How to Inject Positivity in Your Contact Center

In an era of great expectations and remarkable change, modern contact center leaders must find a way to satisfy their customers. Satisfied customers require satisfied and engaged employees, but in the stressful... Read More

Reducing Attrition in Contact Centers: It's All About the Team

Tom Marsden, CEO of Saberr, exposes the true cost of employee attrition to call centers, and three simple ways to mitigate it   Contact centers are a notoriously difficult place to work:... Read More

Contact Center Quality Metrics 101

What's the purpose of your contact center quality monitoring program? Whether it's for performance management, compliance, or something else entirely, check out this #ICMIchat recap to find out how others in the... Read More

Measuring the Success of a Call Center: Easier than You Think

Call center executives and managers are continually looking for ways to measure productivity and success, as improvements in efficiency and effectiveness have been shown to directly relate to higher ratings in customer... Read More

7 Roles Contact Center Managers Must Master

Managing a contact center can feel a lot like conducting an orchestra. It takes a blend of art and skill to get everyone working together harmoniously. Keeping customers, agents, and executives happy... Read More

I Pledge My Allegiance to Your Brand

How staffing with brand ambassadors makes a difference in your customer satisfaction Whether you hire agents in-house or outsource your customer care, how can you ensure you are getting the best quality... Read More

3 Tips to Improve Contact Center Reporting

“My goal is that our reporting is concise, honest, accurate, and actionable.” – Reporting Coordinator, Blue Ocean Contact Centers Many company leaders share that same goal. However, aligning your contact center reporting... Read More

5 Most Important Real-Time Metrics to Track and Measure

Maximizing efficiency and providing consistently positive customer experiences is the top-level goal of every contact center. In order to be successful, contact centers need to track, measure and act on the right... Read More

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If you cross-train your representatives to handle multiple contact types and/or channels, what impact do you see on productivity and quality when you periodically rotate them through channels?

Productivity decreases
Quality decreases
Productivity and quality decrease
No impact on quality or productivity
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