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To Team or Not to Team? That is the Question

Christine received her bachelor’s degree in May and was fortunate to land her first job within 45 days of graduating.  She was excited to begin the next phase of her life.  After... Read More

What's the State of Work-at-Home Customer Care in 2017?

About five years ago, we entered a discussion with a prospective client. They had been outsourcing their customer service to a call center with a predominantly “work-at-home” (WAH) model and one of... Read More

5 Practical Actions to Improve Customer Satisfaction

More and more companies are surveying their customers following interactions, asking them to rate their experiences. The survey they use may be Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score,... Read More

What Do Customers Really Think About Long Wait Times?

How do our customers really feel about wait time in a phone queue? Do they really think that you mean it when you say "your call is important to us"? How do... Read More

5 Ways to Share Contact Center Success

Let's face it, customer service is often a thankless job. Solving problems all day, dealing with angry customers, and working hard to meet a variety of KPI targets is stressful. How often... Read More

15 Reasons Why Brand Advocates are the Bedrock of Your Business

What would it mean to your business if you could build a team of 5, 10, 50, 100 sales reps, for free? What if these representative had influence over a large segment... Read More

4 Steps to Make Contact Center Work Meaningful

It’s no secret that I reluctantly sought work in the contact center. After spending 16 years in higher education and healthcare, accepting a position in a contact center felt like a giant... Read More

A Better Way to Measure Your Contact Center Success

Join Bob at Contact Center Expo & Conference, where he'll deliver a session to help you re-evaluate your contact center metrics and drive success. No matter your role in the contact center,... Read More

4 Competencies Employees Must Master Before a Promotion

It is common for managers to encounter a time when their employees express interest in new opportunities.  When this happens to you, do you smile with great expectations for your employee or... Read More

How to Build a Better Agent Scorecard

Agent scorecards can be a polarizing topic in the contact center industry. Which performance management standards are best to include? What's the most effective way to ensure consistent scoring? Should "scorecards" even... Read More

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