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Actions Speak Louder Than Data

When I think about this week’s topic: “turning data into actionable data,” I find myself going back some years to a moment when, definitely one of the most formative bosses I have... Read More

What have you done the last few hours?

A 2011 viral piece from created more comments again yesterday. YDST shared 5 things to do every day for success on LinkedIn and the response was no different than the first... Read More

Big Data Insights Driven By the Contact Center

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations are scrambling to capture and understand how to derive strategic value from their stores of Big Data.  Various industry studies from 2012 to the present have consistently... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: How much does the customer journey impact the customer experience?

How much does the customer journey impact the overall customer experience?  This is a question that ICMI and LiveOps sought to answer this year, and we're excited to unveil all the results... Read More

Find YOUR North Star

Navigating the Customer Experience Through the Use of Journey Maps Over the last two decades, the user experience movement has not only changed the way that the world has interacted with technology,... Read More

How Integrating Social Data Achieves a Single View of the Customer

Instant, personalized customer service Your customers expect an instant and completely personalized service, whether in-store or online. They increasingly demand customer support from any brand––whether from a retailer, bank, telco or airline––to... Read More

Contact Center Big Data: 3 Things You Need to Know

What’s the big deal about Big Data? It’s a topic on every industry conference and it’s a theme that seems to be streaming endlessly through our collective Twitter feeds – and yet... Read More

Building a Business Intelligence Hub in a Customer Centric Organization

In today’s massively competitive world, we know that the customer is key to profitability and an organization’s overall success. As a result, being able to analyze and measure customer interactions is critical... Read More

Let me help you with that

Tip #37: Do something to help someone else be successful. We are revisiting 101 Ways to Rock Your World this morning: You get what you give – many times over. This is... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Acquiring the Right Data

Contact centers collect a lot of data. Big data, small data, call it what you like.  What really matters most is how that data is used. This week Neal Topf, President of... Read More

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