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5 Ways to Scale Your Customer Service Without Sounding Robotic

Customer service is a vital part of becoming a successful business. But one of the biggest challenges of customer service is that as soon as you get things set up, they change... Read More

Love Thy Neighbor, You Never Know

There was a great Mashable piece last week about a guy who got on a London commuter train, shoved a guy out of the way, and told him to go you-know-what himself.... Read More

Workforce Management Metrics that Impact Your Organization's Culture

Workforce management or workforce magic? That is the question… There are several definitions of organizational culture, all mostly stating the same concepts around leadership, vision, values, etc. However, I found Wikipedia’s definition... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Contact Center Culture in Action

All month long we've had a blast chatting about contact center culture during our weekly tweet chats!  Our #ICMIchat on Tuesday was no exception.  Neal Topf, President of Callzilla led a very... Read More

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters to Your Bottom Line

Spend time at any industry meeting, or browse the industry headlines and you’ll quickly realize there is a theme of how to boost retention, decrease the increasing costs per call, and increase... Read More

Strategy is the Brain of the Organization, Culture is the Heart and Soul

Culture is a fragile thing.  And in the contact center it can make the difference between an exceptional customer experience and one that completely turns the customer off.  The relationship between the... Read More

Are Your Agents Truly Happy?

I started a discussion on one of the social media outlets the other day about the agent being the most valuable person in a contact center. Within a few hours after posting... Read More

4 Fresh Thoughts to Reimagine Contact Center Culture

The perfect formula to create a contact center culture lies within leaders’ ability to listen to agents’ needs and balance it with the needs of the business. Although both needs may not... Read More

Look at What You Missed

Put the phone down, not because it’s often rude to be on it but because you are missing the world going by. You are taking pictures and movies and selfies you will... Read More

#ICMIchat: Getting the Whole Company Involved with Contact Center Culture

Does the contact center culture drive the culture of the greater organization, or should it be the other way around? Some of our community members spent time debating this during our #ICMIchat... Read More

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