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A Threefold Approach to Empathy Training

Like many customer service operations, empathy has long been a key ingredient in the service we provide at FCR. It is ingrained and emphasized in many of our processes from quality to... Read More

#CCExpo16 Sneak Peek: Insider Tips for Attendees

Are you joining us in Long Beach for Contact Center Expo and Conference? Whether you're a first time ICMI event attendee, or a long time veteran, be sure to check out this... Read More

How Management and Agent Roles are Changing

There are two divergent yet related trends in contact centers that are changing the nature of job roles. Being aware of them leads to better decisions. One is, at the management level... Read More

Exemplary Service is About Crossing the Line, Again and Again

My goal was not to be a big shot.  My goal has always been to be a little shot that keeps on shooting. Over the years, I have found one of the... Read More

How Improv Made Me a Better Call Center Agent

Contact center agents should absolutely never make up answers when speaking with customers. This is a difficult and serious job - definitely not a place for jokes. So how did performing wacky... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Tips and Tricks to Master Contact Center QA

QA is a critical component in contact center agent training. When done well, it can strengthen the customer experience, improve performance, and bolster employee engagement. When mismanaged, the impacts can be detrimental... Read More

Knowing What Works in Training

Over the last year or two, more and more attention has been paid to what DOESN’T work in training: learning styles, left-right brain thinking, formal learning objectives at the beginning of training,... Read More

Justifying the Need for Classroom Training

We’ve all seen it happen.  A company-wide email goes out announcing a mandatory, instructor-led training and a familiar chorus of groans silently makes its way through the cubicles.  “Why can’t they just... Read More

Maybe It's Time for an Attitude Adjustment

Note from the editor: Are you a contact center manager? Perhaps a supervisor or agent? No matter your role, your attitude impacts your success, the success of your center, and the customers... Read More

6 Simple Ways to Leverage Gamification in the Contact Center

Gamification is arguably one of the words of the year. You've heard a lot about it, but have you actually used it in your contact center? If you're looking for simple, budget... Read More

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By what quality monitoring criteria do you measure an agent's ability to build rapport with a customer?

Agents are required to use the customer's name a minimum number of times during the contact
Agents are encouraged to use the customer's name however and whenever appropriate during the contact
An agent's ability to build rapport with a customer is measured by another criteria that is unrelated to name usage
Our quality monitoring criteria does not measure an agents ability to build rapport with a customer
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