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Things to Consider When Hiring a Home Agent

It’s unusual to find a customer service operation that doesn’t currently support home agents or isn’t seriously considering it. In fact, several contact center outsourcers use the home agent model exclusively as... Read More

If you want to sell something, tell a story

Instead of telling someone how great you are, how wonderful your product is, or what your company service is and how it is the best – tell a story. The best sales... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Employee Rewards and Incentives

Last week during #ICMIchat we discussed the importance of employee engagement.  This week, we went a little deeper. How can contact center leaders use rewards and incentives to motivate their staff?  Is... Read More

5 Ways to Improve Morale on a Budget

If you attempt combatting bad morale by throwing parties, dispensing gift cards, or hosting appreciation lunches, chances are you’ll notice little if any sustained improvements. These “solutions”—although good intentioned—will appease your agents... Read More

Why Stories are Essential to Contact Center Culture

Customer Service Week got a bit crazy this year in our contact center.  The many details are a blur, but allow me to chronicle a few activities I participated in.  First, I... Read More

Lead Your Contact Center to Prosperity and Peak Performance in 2015

Achieving maximum value from nearly every category of business expenditure is dependent on the performance of the enterprise's contact centers. Launching a $ multi-million marketing campaign that establishes expectations for customers without... Read More

People Are Not Pigeons: 6 Ways to Create Highly Motivated Employees

In a Harvard university lab in the first half of last century, a lanky young doctoral student named B. F. Skinner watched a pigeon in his newly-created puzzle box turn in a... Read More

Contact Center: 2024 Style

A quick trip to any museum not only provides an interesting picture of yesteryear, it reveals an instructive barometer on the ways we have changed.  What would be the artifacts and displays... Read More

#CCExpo14 Thought Leadership Panel: WFO Technology

What's the difference between workforce management and workforce optimization? In this thought leadership panel from Contact Center Expo and Conference our expert panelists share their thoughts on WFO, and share the tools... Read More

Can you spare some change?

Change is in the air. Change has always been in the air – that’s called progress. I spoke to a group of business owners yesterday about change, specifically about the fact that... Read More

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