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Can Technology Mitigate Human Error and Improve Call Center Accuracy?

Think of your call center like a piano concert—there are three things necessary to create an amazing experience. You need a great instrument, a great composer or piece of music and a... Read More

The Top 20 Ways You're Annoying Your Customers

Customers have more options than ever, and easy access to seek out other options if they're dissatisfied with your company. Are you unintentionally driving them to the competition? You might be if... Read More

10 Customer Expectations You Can't Afford to Ignore

Consistently delivering experiences that result in highly satisfied customers can be incredibly complicated. When organizations get it right, the positive outcomes are undeniable. When they don't, the impact is detrimental. How can... Read More

What Works in Training: Chunking

Last month I talked about using multiple senses as a technique that has been proven to work to help people learn. This month I am talking about another proven technique that is... Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Knowledge Base

An effective knowledge base can help deflect call volume, increase customer satisfaction, and be used as an ongoing training tool for contact center agents. A poorly designed knowledge base can lead to... Read More

Don't Ask What's in it for the Company, Ask What's in it for Employees

HR software vendors are typically focused on explaining what’s in it for the company:  what benefits the solution has, what ROI it will bring. Yet, sometimes this approach isn’t right. Instead, the... Read More

Developing Content for Your Knowledge Base: Key Points

Knowledge bases are becoming very popular, both as internal tools for employees and as external tools for customers. But creating a knowledge base requires more than just purchasing the right piece of... Read More

Gamification Yields Big Returns When You Target the Right Behaviors

LiveOps is often asked how we keep our community of independent agents engaged and interested in training, especially when these agents are geographically dispersed and not physically in a classroom.  To overcome... Read More

Call Quality Monitoring Dos and Don'ts

Customer experience is a huge factor in bringing consumers back into the fold as repeat customers. A major facet of a customer’s experience is the customer service exchanges they have with your... Read More

Does Your Contact Center Culture Need a Makeover?

How healthy is the culture of your contact center? Is it a positive, powerful, productive culture, all the time - or not very often? Most leaders don’t pay a great deal of... Read More

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If your center contact supports Spanish & English customers using bilingual reps, have you noticed a correlation between language and AHT?

No, English and Spanish AHT are the same
Spanish AHT is longer
Spanish AHT is shorter
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