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Technology in 10: All About Contact Center Metrics

This month at ICMI has been all about metrics!  Metrics that matter most to the contact center. We've devoted tweet chats, interviews, articles, and newsletter features to the topic.  To keep the... Read More

When Metrics Conflict with Your Center's Vision and Agent Morale

Your contact center agents’ most important job is to deliver an outstanding customer experience with every interaction. But today’s agents have more than just this to think about. They have to know... Read More

Why Oh Why Are Metrics Such a Daunting Task?

We measure: Service (ASA, Abandon Rates, +) Quality (FCR, Skill Levels, +) Efficiency (AHT, ACW, +) Profitability (Cost per Call, Conversion Rates, +) Employee (Turnover, Satisfaction, +) Customer Satisfaction (Surveys, Focus Groups,... Read More

Do Best Practices Hurt Service Quality?

It’s hard to get new results if you always do things the same way. My pre-conference workshop at the Contact Center Demo & Conference in November will reveal Seven New Secrets to... Read More

Benchmarks and Standards Cannot Replace Sound Decisions

Are you establishing strategic and operational objectives for your contact center? Step out in front of the crowd! Contact center directors and managers desperately want good information. They want to know where... Read More

Successfully Measuring Social Customer Service Performance

In order to grasp the full impact and ROI of social customer service, companies need to measure it in a way that enables comparison with—and benchmarking alongside—more traditional customer care channels, such... Read More

Can't Get No Satisfaction

Did you really say that out loud about your job? From Steeleworker Russ Fortson: I have a lot of friends that complain about their jobs on Facebook. If I’m hiring someone, the... Read More

Quantifying the Customer Experience: Easy as 1-2-3

Quantifying the customer experience is a challenge—one that can pay off with huge dividends when done correctly. But what is the correct strategy for tracking your customer’s experiences? One strategy we suggest... Read More

Video: #CCExpo14 Thought Leader Panel: Analytics

How can analytics help identify the root cause of customer behavior and contacts? In this thought leader panel from Contact Center Expo and Conference, our industry experts share their thoughts on the... Read More

The Quality Revolution: Key 3--Automate Calibration

A Quality Revolution has been emerging in the last two years, transforming underleveraged and underperforming Quality & Call Monitoring Programs into predictors and drivers of performance improvement. The centerpiece of the revolution... Read More

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