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4 Ideas to Consider When Developing a Web-based Self-Service Solution

Most contact centers want their customers to use self-service.  Many of us, as customers, prefer to use self-service as well.  Self-service creates cost savings for our businesses and allows our customers the... Read More

The Rise of Self-Service Business Intelligence

Smart businesses, not just big businesses, are harnessing Big Data. The rise of self-service business intelligence promises to make sure IT bottlenecks are a thing of the past. See how your company... Read More

Be Reachable--You Are Not Bill Murray

If you give someone your contact information – an email, a phone number, a business card – and he or she contacts you: Reply to the email Answer the phone call Return... Read More

#CCExpo14 Thought Leadership Panel: Mobile Customer Support

Does every company need a mobile app to remain competitive? In this thought leadership panel from Contact Center Expo and Conference, our expert panelists share their take on the need for mobile... Read More

CRM Integration in the Age of the Customer: 1+1=3

Most everyone in the Contact Center and CRM space seems to agree: this is the age of the customer. Excellence in Customer Service is a competitive differentiator, and offering better customer service... Read More

Will self-service eventually replace the live agent?

When you call your bank or mobile phone provider with a simple balance inquiry or change to your data plan, chances are you’ll be directed to a self-service channel where you can... Read More

VIDEO: Contact Center Rock Stars Share Unique Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is right around the corner (October 6-10). Is your contact center prepared to celebrate the special occasion? In this video ICMI community specialist Erica Strother chats with contact center... Read More

I Hate Bad Bots! 5 Ways to Create a Better Automated Experience

I called my bank the other day and was greeted by the obligatory phone tree. I answered five different levels of questions before finally getting frustrated and asking to be transferred to... Read More

Improving the Customer Experience with Smart Process Applications

This is an age of customer service, and businesses have more pressure than ever to deliver convenient, fast and accessible customer solutions. With the touch of a button or swipe of a... Read More

You Can Be Friends with Anyone

Is there a co-worker you aren’t crazy about? Maybe a customer you dislike dealing with? Maybe you don’t particularly enjoy being around your spouse anymore? That’s how this conversation started with a... Read More

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