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Working Closest to the Dollar

Since the moment I began my recruiting career it was engrained in me to always “Work Closest to the Dollar”. For those who are not familiar with this phrase it simply means... Read More

How to Write Email Templates That Don't Make Customer Service Agents Sound Like Robots

When it comes to writing emails to customers, contact center managers fall into two camps. The first is the “Have You Seen Their Writing?” camp. In this camp, managers are so concerned... Read More

Customer Experience and the Call Center

Designing Service with Intent Time and again, I hear “we feel like the best customer experience is to provide a live human voice on the other end of the line.” Rewind thirty... Read More

Ideas to Attract, Select and Retain High Performing Agents for the Small Contact Center

If you operate a smaller contact center, you are faced with many of the same hurdles as your larger compatriots, but you also have some unique challenges that typically aren’t seen at... Read More

Contact Center Hiring and Recruiting on a Budget

My entire career in customer service has been in a small contact center.  Given that snippet of information, there are a few things you can assume about my situation: We have a... Read More

CES Takeways: Support Plays Crucial Role in Innovation

With 150,000 visitors and 3,500 vendors, CES 2015 in Las Vegas was the usual veritable madhouse – cool innovative products, hundreds of interesting conference sessions, great receptions and of course 45-minute waits... Read More

Interviewing In Today's Contact Center

I subscribe to the notion that people are the heart of a business. Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, said it the following way, “People are definitely a company's greatest... Read More

In Dog We Trust

It happens to all of us – you misspell something in a document – and someone points it out to you. Don’t feel bad or get defensive. Fix it, learn a lesson,... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Onboarding in the Contact Center

This time of year many contact centers are gearing up to hire a new group of agents. But as you publish job descriptions, bring in candidates for interviews, and prepare offer letters,... Read More

Taking a Fresh Look at Onboarding

Congratulations! You’ve successfully hired a fresh crop of agents who have pledged to provide an exceptional customer experience on your behalf. All the hard work is done, right? Not so fast. Their... Read More

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