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ICMI Certification Support


Registered Proctors:

  • Launch An ICMI Certification Test  - This link directs to the ICMI Certification Testing System Login Screen.  Enter your Proctor ID and Password to launch a candidate’s ICMI Certification test. Only purchased tests can be launched.

ICMI Certification Candidates - Select from the following options:

Interested in practice tests? We have them available for purchase. For more information, email us at icmi@icmi.com


Questions? We can be reached at  icmi@icmi.com or 800.672.6177.   


When scheduling contact center representatives, do you offer consecutive days off?

Yes, we do it for employee morale purposes and understand that it may impact our service levels/customer experience.
Yes, if it does not affect our ability to meet service level and meet customer expectations.
Yes, we do it as a part of our reward and recognition program for our representatives.
No, we do not because of the negative impact on our ability to meet customer expectations and service level.
No, we do not for multiple other reasons.
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