ICMI's Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest #3
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ICMI's Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest #3

UPDATE: The winning caption for December is: "The pay is great and just imaging all the money you will save on rent!" submitted by Joe Siciliano. Congratulations, Joe!

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Welcome to ICMI's monthly Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest. During the first week of each month we will be publishing a brand new cartoon here on our blog for you to caption - and possibly win a prize! 

So, are you inspired to give it a try?

Here's how the contest works:

Look at the posted cartoon. Think of a funny caption (that you wouldn’t mind sharing with your Grandmother) and post it here in the comments.

It's as simple as that!

Be sure to take a look at the official rules before you enter.

December's contest is closed, but we have a brand new cartoon for January.

Sound good? Why not get your call center friends and colleagues to give it a shot, too!

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Rudy Linke — 11:38AM on Dec 1, 2011

Since we're a 24/7 company, we expect our employees to be the same.

Rudy Linke — 11:40AM on Dec 1, 2011

We take a relaxed approach to customer service

James Casey — 12:03PM on Dec 1, 2011

…and we have complementary coffee delivered right to your station every half hour!

Joe Siciliano — 11:37AM on Dec 2, 2011

The pay is great and just imagine all the money you will save on rent!

John Craven — 3:16PM on Dec 2, 2011

Our business process engineer determined that if you take power naps on break, you can handle one more call per hour; thereby, improving productivity by 8.33%.

Jen Freund — 2:25PM on Dec 6, 2011

We provide your home away from home.


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