#ICMIchat Recap: What Customers Want
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#ICMIchat Recap: What Customers Want

If you've considered joining us for an #ICMIchat but haven't yet had the chance, I encourage you to peruse the recap from this week.

I may be biased, but wow.  What an awesome hour of contact center networking and learning.  Each week I learn something new and feel re-energized and excited about this industry.  Our conversation this week was particularly fun, because the topic was so relatable.

Continuing our customer experience focus for the month, we devoted an hour to discussing what customers want. (Thanks to Five9 for hosting!)

Will customers pay more for a better experience, or would they rather shop around for a better deal?  Read the recap for insight on this question and more.

Join us next week (Tuesday, 1pm ET) to discuss customer surveys.  Learn more about you can become a part of this amazing and engaging hour of contact center insight.


Topics: Customer Experience


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