Does Your Contact Center Have a Customer Experience Program?
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Does Your Contact Center Have a Customer Experience Program?

Last week we polled our community to find out how many currently have customer experience programs at their contact centers.  The results were close, but a majority of the respondents (54%) said that they don't.

Do you need hlep getting started with a Voice of the Customer (V.o.C.) program? ICMI has several resources this month to serve as a guide.

Here's a rundown of some of the resources you can consult:

In this post, Corey Savory of NICE Systems offers advice for getting value out of your VoC program.

In this article, Peter Leppik reveals three ways to get started with customer feedback.

John Goodman shares some practical advice for starting a VoC program in your contact center.

In this blog post, Mariann McDonagh explains the important role agents play in providing great customer experiences.

Want more?  Be sure to check the ICMI blog daily throughout the month of September as we share more insight on the customer experience.


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