ICMI Site Certification

The ICMI Site Certification Program is a comprehensive management approach that employs a mix of specialized tools, cross-industry best practices, assessments, and proven systems that deliver sustained contact center efficiency and effectiveness.

ICMI Site Certification represents the global landmark requirement for exceptional customer experiences, service quality and operational efficiency, with a focus on meeting core business objectives, including:

  • Improving the financial performance of the contact center
  • Building and maintaining customer loyalty and lifetime customer value
  • Standardizing processes and best practice collaboration
  • Increasing employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improving business intelligence and analytics

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What are the Steps to ICMI Site Certification?

Comprised of a four-step process, participating organizations take part in a formal customer management operations assessment, followed by an implementation and audit period, which then prepares them for certification.

Through the ICMI Site Certification Program, organizations are guided through each phase of the process by a team of experts. For any organization that does not meet the requirements, or that needs additional assistance with implementing the recommended solutions, additional support is available.

ICMI Site Certification Assessment
Organizations recognized with the ICMI Site Certification Program see near- and long-term results for their contact center. The best practices achieved through ICMI Site Certification can be applied across the entire spectrum of your customer-facing business for a global and unified organization. They highlight key functional areas and segments, including:

  • Leadership: (strategic alignment, teamwork, execution) all levels of management and all employees in leadership roles define success, inspire, motivate, and drive continual improvement
  • Strategy and Planning: (establishing goals and objectives, operational planning and customer strategies) how contact center management incorporates the organization’s customer values and concepts of quality into the determination, communication, review, and continuous improvement of the contact center planning process
  • Employee Management: (recruiting, hiring, development, compensation) fulfilling the optimal potential of human resources
  • Infrastructure: (budgeting, quality control monitoring, data security) how the organization identifies, documents, reviews, and revises its processes and procedures to ensure optimal levels of support
  • Employee Engagement Measurement Process: contact center staff drives the quality of the customer experience; highly engaged employees deliver effective service, which positively impacts customer loyalty
  • Customer Experience Management: a positive customer exper
  • ience builds and maintains brand loyalty; customer brand loyalty promotes sustainable financial performance
  • Performance Results: (quality scores, customer satisfaction, cost per contact) focusing on how performance against goals and objectives are the key indicator of overall contact center effectiveness


Congrats on Becoming ICMI Site-Certified

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