Performance Assessment

Certification candidates seeking a Strategic Leader, Operations Manager or Management Consultant professional designation will need to complete a Performance Assessment.

The purpose of the Performance Assessment is for the candidate to effectively demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge and skills specified in the competencies within a work environment. The Performance Assessment provides tremendous practical value to the candidate’s organization given that the candidate will be charged with identifying important areas for optimization within the contact center and a strategic and operational plan for how to progress towards such optimization.

The Performance Assessment is also intended to help the candidate create a roadmap for enhancing their contact center’s performance. It is designed to provoke thought and reflection and prompt the candidate to make an honest and full assessment of their contact center environment, rather than simply answering questions and performing tasks. By doing so, valuable insight can be gained to help their call center greater fulfill its purpose and role in the organization.

To complete the Performance Assessment, the candidate follows instructions in the performance assessment to review and evaluate current contact center strategies, practices and processes to ensure their optimal effectiveness.  The candidate then creates a 'Performance Optimization Plan' with solutions and recommendations to leverage the contact center's strengths and opportunities that will increase its effectiveness in achieving business goals.

Eight weeks (60 business days) are permitted to complete the Performance Assessment. Manager review of the candidate's Performance Assessment is encouraged before its submittal to ICMI, as this provides an opportunity to establish dialogue on contact center goals and objectives and secure senior management buy-in.

Performance Assessment Results

The candidate's completed Performance Assessment is evaluated by ICMI subject matter experts using a validated instrument that ensures objectivity. Notification of the evaluation result is provided to the candidate no later than thirty (30) business days after ICMI's receipt of the Performance Assessment. In the event the Performance Assessment does not meet ICMI Certification requirements, feedback is provided on areas of deficiency and the candidate is given the opportunity to make corrections and resubmit.


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