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Going with the Flow: Using Data and Analytics to Improve Customer Conversations, Increase Revenue, and Reduce Churn

Going with the Flow: Using Data and Analytics to Improve Customer Conversations, Increase Revenue, and Reduce Churn

Air Date: March 31, 2021
Time: 2 pm ET

Ben Brennan , Abby McDivitt

Moderators: Megan Selva

Watch the webinar video below.

Way back in 2013, ICMI fielded a study to answer a single question: “What are we using all this data for?” Contact centers then were generating massive amounts of data and insights, and there was broad consensus that this information could and should be actionable, used to make not only meaningful improvements in customer satisfaction and engagement, contact center operations, and agent training and coaching, but also help organizations sell more and retain more customers. Nearly a decade later, artificial intelligence has vastly expanded the volume of information flowing in, around, and out of contact centers.

The data flow can be intimidating, but we must dive in. Only by channeling the flow can we use data and analytics productively, to establish relationships with our customers and within our organizations, to improve the efficiency of our operations overall, and to increase satisfaction across the board. In this webinar, hear from TBD and Clarabridge’s TBD on:

  • Current trends in data and analytics in the contact center
  • How data and analytics can improve operational efficiency
  • The impact of data-driven insights on the customer journey, including how to have more meaningful customer conversations
  • How to analyze your sales- and retention-focused conversations to help upsell/cross sell and retain customers

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Ben Brennan
Ben Brennan
Founder and CEO, QSTAC

Ben Brennan is the founder and CEO of QSTAC and inventor of the QSTAC® metric for IT Customer Experience. Ben doesn't just throw around the term “world-class support” — he invented a tool to define, measure, and deliver it at some of the country's leading tech firms, including Twitter, Yahoo, Box, Jawbone, and Verizon Media. Ben has earned a reputation for bringing a "mind-blowing" customer-centricity to the heart of the customer experience culture at companies worldwide. 

Abby McDivitt
Abby McDivitt
Director, Professional Services, Clarabridge

As a Director of Professional Services at Clarabridge, Abby McDivitt leads a team of Engagement Managers on strategic and operational activities to put customers big data into action. Over the last 5 years she has worked across various industries, however this past year she has turned much of her focus towards leading the Clarabridge Telesales Tiger Team and sharing her findings across organizations.

Headshot for Megan Selva
Megan Selva
Group Content and Training Director, ICMI and HDI

Megan Selva is the Group Content and Training Director for ICMI and HDI. In this role, she is responsible for managing both brands’ overall content and training strategy, ensuring that our content – across all products, services, partnerships, and programming – meets the educational and professional needs of the contact center, service management, and technical support communities. Prior to taking on this role, Megan managed the content teams and the editorial and sponsored content strategy across HDI and ICMI, published SupportWorld magazine for HDI, edited instructional content for HDI’s training division, and served HDI’s community directly as a Member Services Representative in the Customer Care Center. She has been with the business since 2006. Megan received her MPS in publishing from The George Washington University and her MA in history from the University of Guelph.

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