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Customer Channel Preferences Are Changing
Since 2018, ContactBabel has carried out annual surveys of 1,000 US consumers that look at customer channels of preference in cases of high emotion, urgency and complexity. The research tracks changes over... Read More

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I Don’t Always Want Human-like Service
During a recent brainstorming session about the future of AI, the idea came up again of Generative AI making service more human like in the future. Now, being the contrarian that I... Read More

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What Does The Voice of Your Business Say About Your Agent Experience?
Often as we move along in business, we forget that all the process changes, new KPI’s, new software releases have a direct effect on the Agent Experience. Recently, I learned that contact... Read More

Article -
Even If Your Customer Experience Isn’t Broken, Fix It
Why not follow the engineer’s motto when it comes to serving customers?  If it isn’t broken, take it apart and fix it! If your contact center is working at peak efficiency, here’s... Read More

Article -
Empathetic AI: How GenAI Virtual Agents Will Be Leveraged
Imagine you're shopping online or in a store and have a question about a product. But you don’t want to find a store employee or call into their contact center to speak... Read More

Article -
Cognitive Overload in the Contact Center is Costing You More Than You Think
We’ve all been told that the human brain is basically a supercomputer.  Using its 86 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections, it can multitask like a miraculous machine, simultaneously interpreting emotions, solving... Read More

Article -
Can AI Fix The Employee Experience For Frontline Customer Service Reps?
A version of this blog first appeared on the North Bridge Group website. You’re a CSR, and there’s so much you hate about your job. Customers shriek at you all day. Your boss’s... Read More

Article -
3 Keys To Managing Emotional Labor And Reducing Turnover
Today’s contact centers are more technologically advanced than ever before. We’re saying goodbye to the old days of cubicle mazes, hardwired phone systems and the buzzy chatter of a hundred headset conversations... Read More

Article -
Six AI Lessons From A Past Technology Wave
We are all aware that AI is the big topic of the last year plus. Some people will tell you this technology wave is different than those in the past. They may... Read More

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