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Why WFH Contact Center Agents Should Acknowledge Background Noise
In the chaos of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had decided to cancel my subscription to Major League Baseball’s streaming service. After all, the season was suspended, so why... Read More

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5 Reasons Why Contact Centers Shouldn’t Offer Video Calls
For the last two years, many of us have gotten intimately familiar with Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx, and a myriad of other video-enabled conferencing solutions. These solutions can approximate (and in some... Read More

Article -
What is Needed to Make a Hybrid Contact Center Model Work?
For the past two years, many in the contact center industry were forced to improvise to maintain day-to-day functions with a remote workforce. Now, as the remote or hybrid models of work... Read More

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Here are Some Ideas for Driving Change Management in a WFH Environment
Change is constant in business today, and when companies can’t successfully drive effective change management, their workers can become disengaged and unproductive. The quality of work can even suffer. When leaders can’t... Read More

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Why Average Handle Time Matters
Many years ago, an agent who I had trained needed to vent to me about the Average Handle Time (AHT) target. We both worked in the retention group for a large telecom... Read More

Article -
Don’t Bluff Customers to Get Them Off the Phone
The pandemic has thrown so many consumers into new and unchartered territory, and we often must try to navigate it the best we can. That’s why it’s vital for the contact center... Read More

Article -
Where AI Adds the Most Value in Contact Centers
Artificial intelligence (AI) is appearing in many new contact center solutions, and vendors are adding new AI capabilities at a rapid pace. In response, enterprises are racing to test and deploy these... Read More

Article -
5 Ways to Increase CX Tech Adoption and Improve Customer Service
Technology is a game-changer for customer service. But a recent study by Vistio found that one of the most challenging aspects of managing a contact center’s existing technology tools is getting agents... Read More

Article -
It’s Time to Rethink the Culture of Hiring
Recently my financial institution requested that I sign and return a document to them, via Fax. I laughed out loud when I read their request. Fax? Who uses faxes anymore? I sent... Read More

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