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Declaring Independence: Empowering Agent Autonomy | #ICMIchat Rundown (June 30, 2020)
At one time or another, we've all been mistreated by companies who stand firmly by policies that weren't appropriate for the circumstances. Many customer service professionals have experienced internal conflict between doing... Read More

Tactics Agents Need to Know for Handling Irate Customers
In the contact center, agents and supervisors have heard it all before: Customers threatening to sue the organization because a product isn’t working correctly. Promises to light up social media if customers... Read More

How to Create a Policy Statement for Work-at-Home Agents
Despite the urgency to quickly launch a work-from-home program for contact center agents, it’s essential to take time to create a robust policy statement. Why? Because this document is where you clearly... Read More

How to Make Creative Scheduling Work at Your Contact Center
If you have been in the world of contact centers long enough, you probably have heard the term schedule flexibility or creative scheduling. These terms might make most schedulers or workforce managers... Read More

Sharing Small Wins in Lean Management at a Contact Center
Sometimes, little changes can make a big difference when you’re implementing lean management, or the process of improving workflow to meet customer demands. I studied lean management several years ago; back then... Read More

Contact Center Quality: Assuring Great Experiences | #ICMIchat Rundown (June 23, 2020)
Most contact centers utilize some form of quality management. Agents may remember these as times when they were corrected for not following procedures to perfection, but there's a lot more to quality... Read More

ICMI Virtual: A Summit for Contact Center Professionals
We launched ICMI Virtual on June 17 to tackle the challenges facing our evolving industry. Our sessions explored how contact centers can evolve their strategies, sustain their remote workforces, leverage metrics for... Read More

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Difficult Customers
Early in my career, I hated receiving support calls from a certain difficult customer - “Robert”. Robert usually needed help with a legitimate issue, but would also pepper me with questions about... Read More

Support Remote Agents with Empathy and Data
The last few months have been a blur to me. And it’s a pretty safe bet that you, your agents, and your customers feel the same way. For contact centers, one of... Read More

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