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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Assessment tools that will make the biggest impact in your contact center
An IndustryVoices sponsored post   We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. From alterations to the way we work and learn to new ways of interacting with friends and family,... Read More

Add Humor to the Contact Center
Contact centers can be pretty stressful, whether you are a manager, supervisor, or an agent. It can turn agents and leadership into disgruntled employees. When we have disgruntled employees around the contact... Read More

How Storytelling Can Help Contact Center Managers
I recently read an article by one of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, about story structure. The article talks about the importance of “story” as a way to connect with others. It... Read More

“Focus on Making Those Around You Successful.”
Each month, we’re featuring a member of ICMI’s Strategic Advisory Board. This group of industry thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers helps ICMI keep tabs on customer insights and contact center market... Read More

How to Support Your Sales Contact Center During Difficult Economic Times
It’s a beautiful thing to experience the pitch of a good salesperson; he or she draws you in, entices you, and leaves you hopeful and excited. And the feeling is mutual; a... Read More

Becoming Morgan Freeman: Empathy is a Must in the Contact Center
We’ve all been in the shoes of a customer when we’re trying to accomplish some sort of personal business, only to have a monotone, Ben Stein-like voice on the other end talk... Read More

How to Improve Your Contact Center Post-Covid With Strong Soft Skills
An IndustryVoices Sponsored Post Contact centers have played a major role throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. From helping customers contact their health insurance companies to reaching their banks to discuss options related... Read More

Troubleshooting your Contact Center Metrics
Delivering exceptional customer service is one of the keys to an organization’s success and contact centers are one of the primary ways this can be achieved. Memorable customer experiences drive loyalty and... Read More

Avoid the Sticky Note At All Costs
This article originally appeared on the blog of Vistio.   When your customers call your contact center, the process of delivering consistent, accurate, and efficient service should be simple. You need to know... Read More

Metric of the Month: Customer Satisfaction
Each month MetricNet highlights one Key Performance Indicator for the contact center. We define the KPI, provide recent benchmarking data for the metric, and discuss key correlations and cause-and-effect relationships for the... Read More

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