Verizon Closures Affect Thousands; Customer Service Jobs in Albany, NY
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Verizon Closures Affect Thousands; Customer Service Jobs in Albany, NY

Verizon Wireless announced last week that it will be closing three major call centers in Texas, Michigan and Washington state. The closures could result in unemployment of approximately 2,600 customer service representatives. However, Verizon has invited all affected employees to relocate to any of the company’s 28 call centers across the U.S., including a $10,000 after-tax-dollars stipend. Employees who opt not to relocate will receive separation benefits.

Teleperformance is now accepting applications to fill 200 sales and customer service representative positions at its facility in Albany, NY. Training classes have started and will continue through the end of August 2012. All interested applicants are encouraged to apply at

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