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Going the Extra Mile for Customers

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday, I spent a considerable amount of time taking customer calls. Support team members were taking well deserved time off, which meant I had to step... Read More

Call Centers on the Privacy Frontlines

The call center has always been a fast-paced environment. Running efficiently means optimizing staff time, getting new employees trained in a hurry, and maximizing every minute of the day. However, the world... Read More

Training for a Culture of Employee Engagement

Interested in learning more about contact center agent training and/or employee engagement? Join Evan this May at Contact Center Expo & Conference. The benefits of employee engagement are compelling and undeniable, as... Read More

ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter: 2016 Edition

During this season of celebration and reflection, we’d like to pause and give thanks for the shining lights in the contact center industry.  We’re incredibly grateful for the thought leaders who help... Read More

What Works in Training: Variety

This month’s research-backed training technique is mixing things up and using variety. We are programmed so that our brains turn off when the same thing keeps happening. Things that are the same,... Read More

Principles of Contact Center Quality

How do you define quality in your contact center? How is quality impacting your accessibility? And what are the costs of poor quality to your organization? The need for organizations to improve... Read More

12 Reasons Customer Service Professionals are Giving Thanks

In the spirit of the season, we asked members of our #ICMIchat community to share why they're thankful this year. Click through this slideshow to learn about their proudest accomplishments from 2016,... Read More

What Works in Training: Corrective Feedback

Since making mistakes is the best way to learn, isn’t it logical that giving corrective feedback is important for learning? Yet, some trainers are reluctant to point out when people are wrong... Read More

Live from Contact Center Demo and Conference

Hundreds of passionate contact center and customer professionals converged upon Dallas this week for ICMI's Contact Center Demo & Conference. The week began with site tours all over the city, half-day workshops,... Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Time at #CCDemo

There is nothing quite like an ICMI conference! With ICMI's Contact Center Demo & Conference just days away, we couldn't think of anything better to discuss during #ICMIchat than how to make... Read More

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