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Last Minute Tips to Help You Prepare for #CCDemo

Are you joining us in Las Vegas for ICMI Contact Center Demo? As you're packing this weekend, here are a few last minute tips to consider. Make sure you review the full... Read More

5 Things Your Agents Can Say to Dissolve Customer Frustration Immediately

By 2020, the customer experience your agents deliver will become your company’s key brand differentiator – overtaking price and product. Are your agents ready to provide globally differentiating customer service? Definitive service... Read More

10 Budget Friendly Contact Center Training Tips

Contact center training isn't easy. Juggling high turnover, small budgets, and new hire onboarding can make creating effective agent curriculum a challenge. Fear not! If you've recently experienced budget cuts, our friends... Read More

What is Emotional Intelligence, and Why Does it Matter?

It seems everywhere you turn; lately, there is a reference to Emotional Intelligence. What is it? Where did it come from? And how can it make a difference in your business? These... Read More

4 Reasons Why Your Quality Management Program Stinks

When implemented well, a Quality Management program has the potential to revolutionize both the agent and the customer experience.  The sad reality is that most QM programs do more harm than good. ... Read More

How Trainers Can Overcome Obstacles to Learning

What is a trainer’s primary job? (Pick one) A.    Present content B.    Convey knowledge and skills to others C.    Make training fun D.    Facilitate learning activities E.    Remove obstacles to learning We... Read More

9 Ways to Foster a Culture of Knowledge Sharing

Effective knowledge management can go a long way in easing the service experience for both customers and agents. Do you empower your support team to create and share knowledge? Here are 9... Read More

Three Lessons Every Omnichannel Support Team Needs to Know

The key to an effective omnichannel support strategy is access. Customers need access to the support team wherever they turn: social media, email, SMS, live chat, or phone. Access plays an important... Read More

Can Bad Writers Improve? If You Coach Them, Yes

I can picture you. It’s the end of a busy week and you’ve finally carved out an hour or so to do a quality check on the emails your agents send to... Read More

17 Experts Weigh in on the Term "Soft Skills"

For many, their customer service vernacular is littered with the term “soft skills.” Venture into any customer service department or contact center, or read through a customer service job posting, and you... Read More

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