Infographic: The ROI of Good Customer Service
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The ROI of Good Customer Service

This infographic provides a quick start to understanding the ROI of a good customer experience.

Organizations today are being held to an increasingly higher standard when it comes to the delivery of their customer service experience.  Consumers are demanding more personalized service that’s available in an instant, while businesses continue to struggle with balancing their resources, customer expectations, and financial demands.  It’s critical for companies to invest in providing good customer service, but they’ll face an uphill battle without first understanding the ROI of good experiences.

In this infographic, ICMI and CGS will explore the research and data points that help organizations articulate the ROI of good customer service.  These value points will include scalability, cost savings, process maturity, faster service delivery, productivity gains, and increased revenue opportunities.  The statistics and visuals will all fall within the three key components of Consolidation, Standardization, and Centralization and have direct connections to the inherent value of leveraging an outsourcer.


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Topics covered include: Customer Experience, Multichannel Contact Center

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