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I Have Money For You

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Make it easy for people to give you money – whether you are a company or an individual. Have a product to sell, a service to offer? Something as simple as a friend owes you money or you are a college student waiting for more funds? Waiting for a check in the mail doesn’t have to happen anymore. Collections become a thing of the past. Additional invoices don’t need to be processed and mailed. Set up these simple processes and start depositing that money:

  • Square – take credit cards easily without contracts or monthly fees and with a free card reader.
  • PayPal – set up a free account, millions use it daily. It works. Not a company? Retired? Don’t work? No problem. As long as you have an email address and a bank account, you can send and receive money.
  • Send paper invoices? Make the online payment web address easy to find and use such as www.(your company)/payment. A long, hard to type in URL does not work.
  • Make an online payment option clear on your website, don’t make someone search for it. Don’t make us register, log in, etc. Just give your customer a place where he or she can enter a credit card or PayPal and be done with it.

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Checks are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Don’t be a financial dinosaur. Tell us below – how do you make it easy for people to give you money?

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