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Quantifying the Customer Experience: Easy as 1-2-3

Quantifying the customer experience is a challenge—one that can pay off with huge dividends when done correctly. But what is the correct strategy for tracking your customer’s experiences? One strategy we suggest... Read More

The Quality Revolution: Key 3--Automate Calibration

A Quality Revolution has been emerging in the last two years, transforming underleveraged and underperforming Quality & Call Monitoring Programs into predictors and drivers of performance improvement. The centerpiece of the revolution... Read More

Bedrock: A Flintstones Approach to Metrics that Matter

Bedrock is where Fred and Wilma raised their family in the cartoon series “The Flintstones” and an approach to developing meaningful “metrics that matter”. Contact centers are more data-rich than ever –... Read More

Measuring metrics that matter--to the customer

Key performance indicators (KPI) are all the rage for contact centers, but are you collecting the right ones? And what are you doing with them once you’ve got them? Most contact centers... Read More

Metrics that Matter: Use the Right Tools to Measure

It’s hard to imagine, but the days of reading from a printed script and keeping track of all calls with a pen and a paper where not so long ago. When call... Read More

Metrics: Do They Accomplish What You Want?

Metrics can be a great barometer for monitoring results, identifying opportunities for improvement, and driving behavior.  The question is whether the specific metrics in your contact center are measuring appropriate results, identifying... Read More

#CCExpo14 Thought Leader Panel: Advanced Metrics

What new metrics are on the horizon thanks to channels like social, video and mobile?   How is technology aiding in the collection of all these new metrics and channels?   In this thought... Read More

Successful People Go First

If you want someone to do something for you, you do something for him or her first. If you want someone to make you feel special, make him or her feel special... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Sharing Contact Center Metrics

August is our month of metrics--metrics that matter.  This week we kept the conversation going by discussing ways the contact center can best share all the data it collects. Miss the fun,... Read More

From Human Screen to Machine: Predictive Analytics Helps Avoid a Major Point of Hiring Failure

Note from the editor: Join Greta Roberts at Contact Center Demo and Conference .  She'll be speaking in Session 304: Reducing Call Center Attrition Through Predictive Analytics . What is an employer’s... Read More

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