Key Headset Features
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Key Headset Features

When call centers go shopping for headsets, they look for specific features that will benefit their agents.

In a recent ICMI Quick Poll, a whopping 62% of you said that the KEY feature they look for when selecting a new headset is "Sound Quality," which makes perfect sense. What good is a headset if you can't hear your customers through it? 15% of you replied that "Comfort" was a key feature and 11% said "Price." Having a "Variety of choices (over ear, mono/dual, etc.)" is important, too according to 8%. And finally, 4% look for headset "Accuracy."

What features are important in your contact center? If you could design the perfect headset, what would it be like? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments!

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michael wyman — 11:16AM on May 11, 2012

I find this survey an endorsement of what we at Sennheiser communications have been saying for years, it is about speech clarity not volume. Our headsets offer world class speech intelligability and active guard to protect the wearer. Michael Wyman - National Business Development - Sennheiser Canada


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