Partnering With IT
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Partnering With IT

When ICMI asked last week if your call center had a good partnership with IT, the answer was loud and clear: YES! 60% said that the two departments were on good terms. 13% answered that they do not have a good partnership and 27% are working on building this partnership.

Where does your call center stand? In the article, IT & Operations... Quite the Match, call center expert Dee Kohler explains the fundamental importance of pairing call center operations and IT: "IT/IS provides and supports the architecture, systems, applications, hardware and software, not to mention provisioning appropriate network capacity to enable customer connections." And yet, many centers find that this partnership is beyond their reach. If you're among those that answered "No," is this an ideal situation? Why are you not working towards a partnership at this time?

Share your answers/experiences with us here in the comments!


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