Integrated Cloud Solution, Cloud Campaign Management App, IP-Compliant WFM Suite, GUI Tool
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Integrated Cloud Solution, Cloud Campaign Management App, IP-Compliant WFM Suite, GUI Tool

Cloud-Ready Interactive Campaign Management App

MicroAutomation and Voxeo have partnered to bring the MicroMessenger interactive campaign management and outbound notification application to the Voxeo cloud. A standards-based fully-hosted solution, the MicroMessanger is now the first Voxeo Connect-Certified Partner Application and is available in the cloud for use with Voxeo Prophecy IVR Hosting.

Cloud Solution Integrates IVR, ACD and IP Telephony

Intelliverse has introduced a cloud-based platform that integrates Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and IP Telephony applications into one solution. The platform includes valuable cloud-based options, such as customizable scalability and the ability to utilize remote agents. The platform also provides real-time web-based reports and capture customer insights.

Workforce Optimization Suite Complies with Key IP Solutions

The cc: Discover workforce optimization suite from CallCopy is now compliance-tested to work with the Avaya Aura Communications Manager 6.0.1 and the Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services 6.1 IP telephony solutions. The cc: Discover captures and analyzes customer interactions for business intelligence. As a member of the Avaya DevConnect program, CallCopy worked with a team of Avaya engineers to develop a comprehensive test plan for the suite. CallCopy has stated that the compatibility testing has resulted in "highly interoperable solutions with Avaya."

Q-Suite Adds AMD, Voicemail Recognition Functions to Dialplan Builder

Indosoft's Dialplan Builder GUI tool within Q-Suite now features AMD and Voicemail Beep Tone recognition functions, capable of determining if an outbound call has connected to a live person or an automated recording system. The AMD and Voicemail Beep Tone detection capabilities are available as Dialplan functions through Indosoft's Asterisk Speech Recognition API using UniMRCP, a standards-based connector. Q-Suite's Campaign and List Management features enable call center program managers to schedule and manage list-based outbound Notification Services. Notification messages can be setup through the Dialplan Builder and routed to any IVR to play during a successful connect. The accurate detection of AMD and Voicemail Beeps will allow the Q-Suite Dialer to leave voicemails properly.

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