Inbound-only Centers and Outbound Traffic
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Inbound-only Centers and Outbound Traffic

In the summer of 2011, ICMI surveyed more than 400 call center professionals from around the world to see how – and if – they handle inbound and outbound as well as sales and service contacts in their centers.

Among the key findings of the research, ICMI discovered that many centers designated as inbound-only had agents that are also making outbound calls. As displayed in the infographic taken from the research report, 61.1% of agents in inbound-only centers were making follow-up calls or call-backs to customers. 31.3% of these agents make internal calls to other departments in the organization and 7.6% strictly take inbound calls.

Is this true in your center? Are you currently blending inbound and outbound? Share your experience with us here in the comments!

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