#ICMIchat Recap: Will Self-Service Ever Replace the Live Agent?
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#ICMIchat Recap: Will Self-Service Ever Replace the Live Agent?

Self-service kiosks are everywhere now. You can find them at the airport, the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, and even at the doctor. As technology advances, more and more companies are streamlining processes and replacing live help with self-help. This begs the question: will self-service ever replace contact center agents?

This week @NealTopf led the ICMI community in a chat about self-service and the contact center agent. Read the recap below for insight on how self-service is impacting agents today and what it might mean for the future. Do you think self-service will eventually deem agents obsolete? Weigh-in with your comments below.

Join us next Tuesday at 1pm EST for a chat about self-service and the small contact center. @OneReach will host the one hour conversation. Just follow and use #ICMIchat on Twitter to participate.

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