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The Smiley Face Index: The One Metric Your Contact Center is Missing

There are a lot of metrics out there that measure customer satisfaction—CSAT, Net Promoter Score (NPS), even First Call Resolution (FCR). The way they measure satisfaction is different, but the end result... Read More

Schedule Adherence: Have Your Cake and Eat it,Too

In most contact centers, talking about adherence is a sticky situation.  If it means giving great customer service, we don’t worry about being “stuck” on a call.  It shouldn’t happen every call,... Read More

Defining Quality in Customer Service

With customer expectations evolving so quickly, we’re often asked a basic (and important!) question: What is quality in customer service? Related questions often follow: Who determines what quality is? How should we... Read More

Who Should Drive Contact Center Performance?

Join Patrick at Contact Center Demo & Conference! He'll be leading a session on the role technology plays in engaging customers. Each contact center is its own little microcosm with its own... Read More

How to Reduce AHT While Balancing Other KPIs

When running a contact center, it can be challenging to balance customer experience, employee engagement, data security and other pressing contact center metrics, all while handling calls and delivering a differentiated level... Read More

Measure Your Networking Results in Adventures, Not Inches

Sarah Stealey Reed: The foyer is claustrophobically stuffed with people. We’re all customer experience professionals; I don’t recognize anyone smashed against me. My company has been recently acquired and this is the... Read More

The Ambiguity of Contact Center "Success"

For many professions defining success is black or white. In professional sports, success is winning games. In sales, success is converting prospects into clients. In contact centers it can be significantly more... Read More

How to Measure and Improve the Customer Experience

As any sports fan knows, baseball is driven by statistics. There is a statistic for everything imaginable in baseball. But, it hasn’t always been as statistics-driven as it is today. In the... Read More

A Better Way to Measure Your Contact Center Success

Join Bob at Contact Center Demo & Conference, where he'll deliver a session to help you re-evaluate your contact center metrics and drive success. No matter your role in the contact center,... Read More

KPIs as Easy as (NOT) Folding Laundry

Is it time to rethink the metrics on your contact center dashboard? We can help! Join Jeremy Watkin at Contact Center Demo & Conference for an interactive panel discussion on First Contact... Read More

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