Metrics for the Omnichannel Contact Center
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Metrics for the Omnichannel Contact Center

An Infographic guide to the most meaningful metrics for the omnichannel contact center.

Every contact center on the planet is driven by metrics. They help an organization identify what’s important and measure their progress towards a goal.  Without them, most leaders would probably be lost.  Just because every contact center uses metrics, however, that doesn’t mean that they’re using the right ones.  In fact, according to ICMI research, many contact centers struggle to effectively identify and drive results from their key performance indicators.  As the complexity of customer service increases and the mandate for omnichannel experiences goes on the rise, there couldn’t be a greater time for identifying the metrics that matter most.  That’s why ICMI and Genesys have partnered together to develop an infographic guide to the most meaningful metrics for the omnichannel contact center.

In this Infographic, readers will learn:

  • How to identify the most impactful metrics
  • Tips for measuring success in an omnichannel contact center
  • Metrics to avoid or treat with caution
  • Ways to connect desired outcomes with the appropriate performance measure


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