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ICMI Course at Contact Center Expo and Conference

Full-Day Training information is from our 2015 conference in May. Look for updated information to be added in the fall.

Dig deeper! Wtih a full day of hands-on, interactive sessions led by ICMI "best in the business" trainers. Highly recommended and included with your 4-Day All-Access Package!

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ICMI Small Contact Center Workshop

Thursday | 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Rose Polchin

"Do more with less!" In today's economy, that's a common edict.  But the performance impact can be much greater in centers with fewer than 50 agents.  The good news is having limited resources does not have to mean limited results.  Managers of small centers can and must become masters of strategic planning, relationship building, agent education and motivation, forecasting and scheduling, and technology optimization.  This targeted workshop, specifically for those in small contact centers (from 2 to 50) agents, is designed to provide the tools, strategies and tips you need to achieve big results.  Come prepared to participate, share with your peers who manage other small centers and capture a ton of ideas you can apply right away!

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More than Metrics: Harnessing Data to Drive Performance

Thursday | 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Laura Grimes

In this popular ICMI training course, you'll identify what should be measured, why it should be measured, and how to collect the information and data that really counts! Learn how to track metrics that support your contact center strategy, the relationship between those metrics, and how to analyze the accrued data. You'll gain practical, proven techniques for leveraging key findings, identifying root causes of inefficiences, and furthering the success of your contact center. And you'll discover how to assess the effectiveness of service delivery across all contact channels. Key performance indicators are presented in five overarching categories: quality, accessibility, efficiency, cost performance, and strategic impact. If you want to move beyond simplistic benchmarks to identify the measure and goals that best drive success, this workshop is for you!

“The quality of the presenters was very good and I learned a lot of valuable takeaways. I have 3 pages of typed notes.”

Jessica Zupfer, Phone Bank Manager, Bremer Financial